International training courses and seminars for foreign specialists

International training courses and seminars for foreign specialists

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International Training Courses and Seminars for Foreign Specialists

One can find the international training definition here. Why are international training courses, seminars and other education solutions so popular in the UAE? As it is known, over 80% of people living here are not citizens of the country, the overwhelming majority of non-citizens are specialists in different fields who live and work in local companies. All of them have already get used to or are still being adapted to the working conditions in this country. That is why the demand for various kinds of international training and education is always high here and the international training meaning remains constantly high. International manager training, corporate training and leaders training are among the most popular ones.

Any specialist, both a beginner and an experienced worker should constantly work on their professional skills, since innovations and new technologies are being introduced into all spheres of the economy, and competition in this market is only growing. And in order to keep up with new trends in their field, specialists are simply obliged to attend various kinds of educational training studies regularly. The basics of marketing, management, the fundamentals of company management, the specifics of international negotiations, the promotion of goods, services, etc. are studied at the international training courses – all these are needed for effective international business. Let us consider a case in detail.

International training and its role in the development of international business

Now let's present a generalized strategy for entering foreign markets and those competencies that your specialists will need to realize it:

  • Study of a new market (information gathering, analysis). This is a task for marketers, therefore, they are the first to attend an international training course, dedicated to the peculiarities of working in the market of a certain country or region to improve their general knowledge in marketing.
  • Assessment of possible risks. This task is for analysts and managers. In order to implement it, one needs knowledge of the basics of business analysis.
  • Preparing for entering a new market and forming groups and developing tactics. This task is mainly for managers who must be able to effectively manage the work of new teams, plan work, etc.
  • Beginning of sales, the specification of consumer preferences. When everything is ready, and the product/service comes into the market, sales managers enter the game. Of course, they must be ready for such work and understand the peculiarities of local culture and ethics. Accordingly, international training programs have been developed for them.
  • Development of activities. In order to stay in the market and consolidate a certain niche, the well-coordinated work of all the specialists mentioned above and also those engaged in customer service (support) will be required.

Thus, as we can see, entering the market of another country is a complex task that requires an integrated approach.

International training solutions from Atton Institute (international training programmes 2019)

And now let us consider the available international training programmes to organize training for specialists and achieve the desired goal. The Atton Institute, one of the largest private institutions that offers integrated solutions for the development of your business is located in Dubai, the UAE. So, let's return to our considered problem. Here are the courses and programs offered by this institute, in accordance with the items of the plan:

So you can find the all-in-one solution here!