International Development Training Opens New Horizons to Company

International Development Training Opens New Horizons to Company

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International Development Training Opens New Horizons to Company

Even those companies working in the local market, in one way or another, can contact people from the other countries, for example, suppliers of components. We live in a globalized world, and the ability to effectively interact with foreign partners becomes, in fact, an indispensable skill that personnel must have, so international development training becomes simply necessary for everyone. Given the significant cultural, economic, legal and other differences, the lack of experience in cooperation at the international level can become a serious barrier to further career development.

In such courses, specialists from different fields are trained in various aspects of interaction with partners from other countries – both political, economic and social moments, understanding of which will enable the mutually beneficial dialogue and cooperation. Besides, such courses are also aimed at developing communication skills. There are several key aspects of international development training:

  • specialists get additional useful cooperation skills, which can be applied in the company and make its work more effective;
  • the courses are developed for both trained people with certain experience and beginners, so you can teach some of your specialists to make them professional in these matters;
  • the material on the courses is given in a condensed form, and the entire learning process does not take long – you will feel the effect in the shortest possible time.

International development training courses

Numerous international development training courses, which have appeared relatively recently, are developed to eliminate this problem and make real experts in international cooperation from your staff.

For example, your company intends to enter a new market, say the GCC market, and the first task for you is to train your marketers, sales managers, lawyers and specialists in servicing and technical support of customers to the peculiarities of this market:

  • Marketers. For the effective promotion of goods and services on the market, it is necessary to understand its characteristics and the specifics of the local mentality.
  • Sales managers. Sales managers should, first of all, know the language of the region, as well as the peculiarities of the local culture for better customer service.
  • Lawyers. Lawyers have to know the local legislation regarding taxation, turnover, consumer rights, etc.
  • Customer service specialists. Since customers will need customer support service, specialists working in this service as well as sales managers.

Example of international development short courses at the Atton Institute

Typically courses in the "International Business" direction will give students deep knowledge in the field of organizational, economic, ethical and legal issues of doing business, for example, in the GCC region mentioned above. For example, such courses are offered by the Atton Institute in Dubai.

In these practical classes, students receive operational and strategic management skills in the field of foreign economic activity, learn to evaluate foreign economic operations, international projects, master the methods of studying international markets, study international marketing and learn how to use its tools. Training covers several basic areas of business management:

  • Analysis and assessment of the external environment of the business and the internal environment of the organization.
  • Decision-making and communication processes in business (models and methods).
  • Management functions (strategic planning, enterprise building, motivation and control, coordination.
  • Management issues.
  • Efficiency of the enterprise (Management of production, marketing, personnel, productivity management in general).