Intensive Training Courses Help You to Reach Your Professional Goal

Intensive Training Courses Help You to Reach Your Professional Goal

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Intensive Training Courses Help You to Reach Your Professional Goal

Today everyone has lots of opportunities for professional growth and development. There has never been such an easy access to education and knowledge in the history of humanity as now. As for vocational education, various private educational institutions and their numerous intensive courses have successfully competed with institutes, universities, and colleges with their classical education.

In these classes, a student receives the latest knowledge and skills necessary to work in a particular industry and in the shortest possible time. One can really get the qualification that will allow qualifying for a good high-paying job and up to 1 year.

Marketers are among the most popular specialists in the market of the country since the sphere of international trade is growing at the highest rates, the demand for specialists who are engaged in the promotion of goods and services will continue to grow in the near future.

Key skills required by a marketing specialist and trained in intensive courses.

A truly good marketer should have a range of skills and competencies. Here are the key points on which you have to pay attention to, and which, as a rule, become the subject of study in intensive courses:

  • Fundamentals of analytical thinking: analysis of the dynamics of sales and its forecast, planning and calculating the advertising budget and investment efficiency, choosing the optimal solution regarding budget and efficiency, setting priorities, etc.
  • Professional competence: knowledge of modern marketing techniques, modern models of brand development and management, modern techniques and methods of sales, the fundamentals of economics and finance, the basis of sociology and psychology (for understanding the consumer), modern design trends.
  • Initiative: A marketer should form and set tasks for oneself, not wait for other people's instructions, see opportunities to improve business and implement them.
  • Responsibility: A marketing manager manages the advertising budget and profitability of the product, therefore, he/she must be ready to assume obligations, make decisions and openly express own opinion.
  • Effectiveness: A marketer must be persistent in own actions and ambitious in the set goals, to perform the tasks in time.
  • Creativity: A marketer should be able to create new ideas and offer several alternatives to solve one problem.
  • Self-development and erudition: A marketing manager must constantly improve own professional competence and broaden own horizons, using new knowledge to improve the efficiency of current work.

Short intensive courses and professional development in Dubai, UAE

And now let us consider specific options for intensive courses, which are provided in the educational services market of the UAE. Among a number of private and state institutions and universities that offer their educational services, the Atton Institute stands out. Here there are a number of intensive courses for marketing professionals, here it is:

Table 1 – Intensive courses for marketers from the Atton Institute

Place of event
3 days
Dubai, the UAE
3 days
Dubai, the UAE