Innovative Teaching and Its Role in Professional Education of Adults

Innovative Teaching and Its Role in Professional Education of Adults

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Innovative Teaching and Its Role in Professional Education of Adults

As for the traditional educational methods, like lectures, they limit the opportunities for interaction on the contrast to innovative teaching activities. The situation when professional knowledge is obtained only in classical universities gradually passes into history, nowadays many private organizations are offering up-to-date practical knowledge and using innovative teaching strategies, innovative teaching techniques innovative teaching practices during the educational process, and lots of such organizations have appeared in the United Arab Emirates lately.

With the modern development of devices and communication channels, new innovative ways of teaching appear, replacing traditional lectures in classrooms, since new multimedia capabilities can provide valuable practical experience and contribute to the development of innovative teaching ideas.

In innovative teaching and learning, they bet on moving away from the passive perception of information, focusing on active learning and a high level of interaction. Educational video, different kinds of educational games and the use of educational programs are among examples of innovative teaching methods. Innovative approaches to teaching and learning also imply the use of techniques such as brainstorm and teambuilding.

There are numerous innovative teaching resources, providing the appropriate educational materials.

Such innovative teaching and learning strategies are particularly relevant for those who already have basic education and, what is more important, with self-discipline and self-organization, that is, for listeners of various courses and training for professionals, people who are ready to perceive educational technology and innovative teaching.

Features of professional training for professionals

There are several specific difficulties during the learning process of adults, so innovative teaching strategies in education must take into account these features. This is due to the lack of readiness for change and is caused by psychological reasons: concern for one's authority, fear of appearing incompetent in the eyes of others, a mismatch of one's own image of a "solid person," etc. In business education, the teacher's task is to organize the learning process so that the listeners become "co-authors” of own learning.

In the light of the problems of adult education, the cyclical four-stage empirical model of the process of learning and assimilating the new information (Experiential Learning Model), proposed by David Kolb and his colleagues from the Western Reserve University of Keiz, became especially popular.

Experiential Learning Model

Figure 1 – Experiential Learning Model

The features, described above should be considered when developing training programs for adults, and new educational methods like brainstorming or business games suit the best for this purpose, thus the importance of innovative teaching methods is very high.

Innovative practices in teaching and learning in the institutes of Dubai, UAE

The rapid development of the economy of UAE results in constant demand for highly qualified specialists in various fields. Therefore, there appeared such some different organizations that use innovative practices in teaching-learning process and innovative approaches to teaching in the educational services market, like the Atton Institute in Dubai.

Innovative teaching tools are used at this institute in courses on management, digital marketing, work with clients, which facilitate the rapid assimilation of the material. Creative and innovative approaches to teaching will allow you to use methods learned during classes as soon as possible.