Innovative Teaching and Learning Methods Replace Classical Techniques

Innovative Teaching and Learning Methods Replace Classical Techniques

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Innovative Teaching and Learning Methods Replace Classical Techniques

Competition in our globalized world is now as high as never; there are very few barriers left separating one economy from another, one market from another, one specialist from another, so everyone is competing with everyone. That is why the demand for various kinds of courses, training, and seminars will only grow. Innovative teaching and learning methods, innovative teaching methodologies are extremely actively introduced by advanced private and public educational organizations in order to improve the quality of their educational services. Just as technologies penetrate into all spheres of human activities, new innovative teaching methods find their application in the market of educational services.

Methods of professional training for adults

There are two types of vocational training methods in the vocational training of personnel: in the workplace and outside the workplace. Among the basic methods of training in the workplace we can name the following:

  • briefing – training by a supervisor;
  • rotation – the employee studies several different specialties within the same department for a certain period of time in order to gain experience in the organization and the possibility of analyzing its activities "from all sides";
  • mentoring – giving knowledge and experience of practical and theoretical aspects of work from the mentor to the trainee;
  • internship in a new position;
  • self-education.

Training outside the workplace is conducted outside the organization and is an effective means of quickly transmitting the necessary information about the subject studied to large groups of people. Methods of non-organizational learning should be applied to study the actual material, concepts, principles, and theories.

There are several methods used for training outside the workplace:

  • lectures;
  • training – modeling of real situations in order to obtain the practical skills required in everyday work;
  • case studies – the analysis of real or hypothetical situations with the development of ways and ways to solve them;
  • role-playing games – training employees through playing the assigned roles;
  • training using computer programs;
  • business games – modeling the interaction of the organization with the environment.

The last four can be considered to be innovative teaching and learning methods since they were introduced relatively recently.

Innovative practices in teaching and learning methods for quality education

As for the training services market in Dubai, UAE, you can find a number of both private and public institutions conducting their classes related to business promotion: marketing, management, sales, customer services and corporate communications. But regardless of which industry the courses are dedicated to, those institutes are trying to apply innovative teaching-learning methods; they are trying to offer unique proposals to those interested. Innovative methods for making teaching effective are actively introduced nowadays, which brings the learning process to a qualitatively new level.

In the Atton institute, creative and innovative teaching methods are actively used in the learning process, which allows us to teach all the material most effectively, and what is more important, this allows our students to apply the obtained knowledge in practice as soon as possible. At the courses in the Atton Institute, they use innovative teaching-learning methodologies, which is very different from the classical teaching methods in many other organizations.