Innovative Learning and Development in the Educational Institutions

Innovative Learning and Development in the Educational Institutions

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Innovative Learning and Development in the Educational Institutions

Any innovative learning and development ideas are the result of the human intellectual activities. Innovative learning technologies, as well as innovative learning techniques, contribute to the increase in the efficiency in the production process and company’s operation.

Innovative learning environments allow you to be immersed in the learning process. Lots of brand new advancements in technologies were introduced in the 21st century across various sectors, and innovative learning spaces broke limits in time and space between teachers and their students. The availability of innovative learning tools for education enables one to study in a time-efficient manner, which is extremely topical for those short in time, namely people in the business.

Numerous online courses, training, seminars and other innovative ways of learning moved aside classical universities and contributed to the development of the market of educational services.

The innovative learning environments research studies show that people learn faster in conditions as close as possible to those of the real production environment, that is why in modern educational institutions they are trying to use innovative approaches to learning, differing from those in classical universities.

Some examples of innovative learning methods

Here is the list of some of the most popular innovative learning methods, applied on courses and seminars.

  • A case study method is based on the fact that a more experienced specialist completely presents a certain situation from different points of views, as well as the potential risks and consequences of making certain decisions. This method is good for a seminar when one problem is considered – a case. Undoubtedly, very effective method, in which it is possible to organize simultaneous training of a large group of people.
  • In a business game, various situations are simulated, which may appear in practice. In a business game, you can, just like a case study, fully and in detail examine various aspects of the problem, ways to solve it, etc. In business games, you can get the practical experience that will significantly reduce the number of potential errors.
  • The essence of the method of practical action on the model is to demonstrate the behavioral model, which is an example of behavior. After getting familiar with the model, students begin to practice it. The action on the model is interesting in that it corresponds to specific situations within the framework of the topic under study, and also takes into account the individual characteristics of the students.
  • The main idea of Consulting is about the fact that the student applies for information or practical help to a more experienced person in the issues related to a particular topic or field of study. A positive feature of this method is that the student receives targeted support and increases own experience, both in the field under investigation and in interpersonal interaction.
  • Use of information and computer technologies. The main idea of the presented method is clear from the name – technical and computer means of information transfer are used in the process of teaching, PCs, digital projectors, and other multimedia. Learned information is presented in combination with visual data (video, graphics, etc.), and the object, phenomenon or process studied can be shown in dynamics.
  • Educational simulators. In the process of simulators development, certain educational tasks are considered. Simulators are implemented on the basis of special equipment. Students master complex skills, problem-solving algorithms, psychomotor actions and thought-based operations to make decisions about the most serious situations and issues within a discipline.

Atton Institute – center for innovation learning

When choosing a training center, it is important to pay attention to a practical aspect. Innovative learning activities, which are used in training at this institute, allow obtaining unique practical experience, which is very important for the further implementation of the knowledge gained in everyday practice.

In the Atton Insitute, best lecturers have got great practical experience in the UAE and practice innovative learning solutions, which allow achieving the most effective result in the shortest possible time.