Innovation Workshops as Professional Training Solution in the UAE

Innovation Workshops as Professional Training Solution in the UAE

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Innovation Workshops as Professional Training Solution in the UAE

Are you looking for some innovation workshop ideas? Keep reading on – we’ve got some to share. Innovation is an implemented novelty which ensures an increase in the efficiency of processes or products at the market. Innovations are increasingly important, in particular, in such areas as IT and digital marketing. They require any professional working in this field to keep up with any slightest alterations. Otherwise, it would be impossible to stay among the leaders and outperform your competitors. A number of courses including the ones focused on innovation are held in Dubai, the UAE.

Leadership is one of the most important characteristics of a modern CEO. There are numerous workshops dedicated to this topic. They are focused on the evolution of a leader, the specifics of teamwork, and the main features of recruiting and hiring new staff. Innovation workshop activities are aimed at providing every participant of the course with practical knowledge and hands-on experience.

Innovation workshop exercises will inevitably affect the quality of your work. They will help you to look at your own tasks and achievements from a different perspective. Professionals who have attended one of such workshops feel more confident about what they do, become better at coaching and understanding the company’s goal and mission.

Main types of innovation that are considered at the innovation workshops

Innovation is not only about new technologies and products, but, first and foremost, about new methods of management, working with clients, managerial thinking. Depending on the result, there are following types of innovations:

  • Product innovation. A product innovation is the implementation of a product or service that is new or significantly improved in terms of its properties or uses something not previously known to a buyer. This is the implementation in practice of a new way to solve the problem of the buyer, at which both the buyer and the company benefits.
  • Innovation of the process. Innovation of the process is considered as the introduction and use of a new or significantly improved method of production or delivery of the product to the consumer (storage, transportation). This ensures the growth of profitability, reduces costs, time cycle, terms of development and delivery of the product; while improving the quality, production efficiency, labor productivity and staff salaries.
  • Innovation strategy. Innovation of the strategy implies the revision of existing methods of creating value for consumers in the industry in order to meet the newly emerged needs of customers, to increase the value of products, to form new markets and new groups of consumers. The result is how the company changes the target groups of consumers and how it enters the market, that is, brings its products or services to the end user.
  • Organizational and managerial innovations. Organizational innovation is the introduction of a new method of management and organization of the company's activities. Such innovations can be carried out either separately or as part of innovation strategies or process innovations.

Innovation process management

Innovative management is part of strategic management. It is based on marketing research, financial analysis, analysis of staff structure, as well as internal culture and company image. In general, the innovation process consists of two processes: the development of innovation and its introduction (commercialization) – the implementation of innovation. To organize innovation workshop activities, one needs to:

  • put the goal of innovation (for example, develop a qualitatively new product to capture a certain segment of the market);
  • evaluate your success factors (for example, qualified personnel of the product developers);
  • to define methods of innovation management (which methods will be used to evaluate the economic attractiveness of innovations);
  • build a mechanism for managing innovation.

Innovation Workshop Ideas

Innovations workshop in Dubai, UAE, will help you to change your mindset. Along with confidence, you’ll be able to develop a high tolerance for stress and coping with problems skills. Another essential goal of innovation workshop agenda is to teach all participants to think innovatively, be capable of coming out with unique ideas and vision, know how to apply innovative thinking to solve problems.

Innovation training workshops can help you to get responses to numerous questions managers often feel puzzled about. They will give you an understanding of the importance of being flexible and adaptive to the rapidly changing situation in the market as well as provide you with the tools to effectively work with your employees. Creativity and innovation workshops are a great choice for those who feel tired from the monotony of their everyday work. Attend one of the innovation workshops and experience its beneficial effect.

One of the best innovation training centers in Dubai, the UAE is the Atton Institue, which offers its educational solutions for a wide range of specialists: managers, marketers, sales managers, HRs, specialists in customer service, etc.