Best Lectures in doing business in the UAE from the Atton Institute

Best Lectures in doing business in the UAE from the Atton Institute

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Best Lectures in doing business in the UAE from the Atton Institute

Probably no one doubts that a specialist should study the whole life. After you finish a course of best university lectures and complete practical training you will get basic knowledge and skills to work in some specific field, say in digital marketing. But every region, every country, and each market have their specific features, which should definitely be taken into account when in order to be successful working in these conditions. And, the only way to get these skills and knowledge is to ask for the help from professionals – they can share the important experience. One can, of course, can find some interesting lectures in particular topic on Youtube, but still, there is nothing so effective as a personal contact and communication and the best lectures in the most popular fields (sales, customer service, marketing, and management) draw their audiences despite the wide spreading of distance learning.

Possibilities for professional growth and development in the UAE

As for the UAE, its economy is growing at a very fast pace, and the demand for qualified personnel only increases from year to year. Therefore the demand for professionals is very high, especially for those, who have an idea of the country and region specifics. A highly-qualified specialist can have really good money here, for example, the average annual salary of a specialist in marketing is about 193,000 AED. And this amount largely depends on the knowledge of local specifics.

In Dubai, the UAE they have established a fairly large number of training centers and institutes, and in many of them you can attend the best lectures in your field, get the most important modern knowledge and skills, communicate with other specialists, and make significant progress in such areas as management, customer service, product promotion and digital marketing, the fundamentals of the effective operation of companies, and so on. The Atton Institute is one of those, besides the courses on the fields mentioned above, it provides a course, which reveals the local market specifics.

Middle East Market Entry & Growth Strategy

Lectures from: The Atton Institute.

Location: Dubai.

Duration: 5 days.

Language: English.

A brief description of the course: The GCC market is of particular interest to business for a number of reasons: the rapid growth of welfare, economic development, stability, predictability, and security. Having registered a company office in Dubai, for example, you can start thinking about entering the markets of all Arab countries as well as North African countries, which can be very promising for your business. However, in order to avoid failure in this matter, it is necessary to clearly understand the local specifics, features of culture and mentality.

This course provides detailed information on the specifics of doing business in the country: legal peculiarities, tax features, cultural features, traditions, mentality, behavior patterns – all this is very important in the face of intense competition and for creating the best client experience.

Your company will need to develop a special strategy in order to enter a local market which takes into account all of those mentioned above, and these classes will help you in this issue.

Key knowledge and skills: After listening to this course of these interesting lectures you will have enough knowledge and understanding of local features to enter the local market and increase the sales level successfully:

  • You will be presented with all the key facts, understanding of which is critical for success;
  • You will be shown the general trends of the local market, the role and the influence of globalization in the region;
  • You will be able to understand the psychology of local consumers;

You will develop your own strategy for entering the market, increasing sales and increasing your presence in the region.

So, if you consider your career development in the UAE or GCC region, you should definitely attend this course, where you will get acquainted with the specifics of the local market. Besides you can take a course on soft skills, for example, the best lecture on motivation, business communication and self-development in Dubai.