Employee Learning and Development – Soft Skills Everyone Needs

Employee Learning and Development – Soft Skills Everyone Needs

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Employee Learning and Development – Soft Skills Everyone Needs

First, we should say about the importance of employee development. One should not forget that the desire for personal growth and development is a common feature of almost all people, so it is very important to organize employee development process for all of your team members, for example in the form of training, courses or seminars.

In addition, special attention should be given to the development of such aspects as the microclimate in the team, motivation, and the will to work for the set company goals, since these are no less important than the professional level of each specialist, for example.

Employee development courses and seminars should be a tool that is constantly used by managers to maintain the working capacity of the whole team.

And it is important to note that investing in employee development can be directed both to the development of professional skills and to the overall development of each specialist.

Both of these are important and necessary components that will improve the overall efficiency of the company.

It is also useful to conduct regular research in your team in order to identify in a timely manner the aspects that have to be corrected. For example, when teamwork has disrupted, you should conduct a seminar or team building training as quickly as possible in order to return the work to the way it should be.

Soft skills necessary for any employee

Now let's turn to a review of the set of soft skills every professional needs.

They are a set of personal features and attitudes towards the world around. Without having these necessary skills, you can hardly claim the career success in any field. For example, if you do not respect your employees, you will not develop the motivation skill until you change attitudes towards employees. You cannot learn how to sell well if you do not show respect to your customers, people and your product. Your attitude to things and settings is a primary aspect, and your professional skills are secondary.

There are for main branches of soft skills:

  • Basic communication skills that help you develop relationships with people, maintain a conversation, effectively behave in critical situations communicating with others. Everyone needs these skills.

    • Listening skills;
    • Persuasion and reasoning;
    • Networking: building and maintaining business relationships;
    • Negotiation;
    • Producing a presentation;
    • Basic sales skills;
    • Self-presentation;
    • Public performance;
    • Teamwork;
    • Focus on results;
    • Business letter;
    • Customer orientation;
  • Self-management skills help to control effectively your condition, time, and processes.

    • Emotion control;
    • Stress management;
    • Management of own development;
    • Planning and setting goals;
    • Time management;
    • Reflection;
    • Feedback.
  • Effective analysis skills: processes management in one’s mind that help make life and work more systematic.

    • System thinking;
    • Creative thinking;
    • Structural thinking;
    • Logical thinking;
    • Search and analysis of information;
    • Development and decision making;
    • Design thinking;
    • Tactical and strategic thinking (for managers).
  • Management skills that are required for people at a stage when they become managers of any business processes and entrepreneurs.

    • Performance management;
    • Planning;
    • Setting tasks for employees;
    • Motivation;
    • Control of the implementation of tasks;
    • Mentoring (development of employees) – mentoring, coaching;
    • Situational leadership and leadership;
    • Conducting meetings;
    • Giving feedback;
    • Project management;
    • Change management;
    • Delegation.

Employee development solutions in the UAE

The rapidly growing and developing market of the UAE generates a constant demand for highly qualified specialists from virtually all spheres. Local universities and business schools offer their employee development ideas at employee development courses, seminars, and training. The Atton Institute in Dubai, UAE, offers a good soft skills training solutions: Advanced business communications skills and Master of Professional Business Etiquette.