How to Organize Employee Training Classes in Particular Company?

How to Organize Employee Training Classes in Particular Company?

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How to Organize Employee Training Classes in Particular Company?

Do you feel that your employees lack the vision of the company's strategy and its further development? Is there insufficient understanding of managerial tools? Perhaps, it is time to think of arranging employee training.

First, let's define the terms. Training involves a special program that helps employees master certain skills or knowledge (both hard skills and soft skills) to improve their performance, and the term "development" is broader and also involves improving personal qualities, which will lead to professional growth in the future rather than immediate growth right after the completion of the training.

Why do we need special employee training programs and what are the benefits of employee training and development? We live in an era of severe global competition, and the struggle is on all fronts, including the battle for staff. Proper employee training strategy will help you to keep the right people in your team, and hence preserve your work performance. Paying attention to the issue of professional development of your people, you form their loyalty and get an advantage over your competitors.

Understanding and appreciating the importance of employee training, we can proceed to considering the generalized algorithm of organizing employee training. The choice of a certain one depends entirely on the requirements of your business.

A generalized approach to the development of an employee training program

In order to develop your own effective training program for employees, you will have to carefully plan and evaluate everything. Any program of such kind should be aimed at achieving specific business goals – your business goals. So, here is an approximate sequence of actions.

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Fig. 1 – Generalized approach to the development of an employee training program

  • Define your goals and keep them in focus.

    You must have a clear vision of your own business goals, for example, entering the market of another country, and accordingly, the entire process of personnel training must be focused on achieving this goal: language courses for sales managers, training of lawyers in local legislation features, etc.
  • Define the skills and knowledge required.

    So, you have a clear goal ahead, and you have a team that should bring your business to this goal. The next logical step in the development of the employee training process is to identify the missing knowledge, and skills of your staff. Your employees may lack particular professional skills, general skills in business communication (soft skills), analytical skills or even motivation. So your next goal is to assess gaps in knowledge and skills and group your employees in order to be able to organize group training.
  • Make a step-by-step training schedule

    Some will only need short courses in one discipline; others will have to pass courses in several fields. Your training schedule should be step-by-step, and such that your employees can understand what stage they are at the moment and when they will master a particular skill in order to plan their work properly. A step-by-step approach is the best solution for planning the training of personnel.
  • Analysis of learning outcomes and adjustments

    At each stage of the implementation of the step-by-step plan for employee training, you need to assess the result in order to understand how the process is going. If necessary, at the same step, you can make adjustments to the process, so that not to be disappointed with a result in the end.

Advantages of a generalized approach to employee training in the UAE

Companies interested in their own growth and development are not afraid to invest in staff training programs, since this type of investment provides the fastest pays off, in addition, it is not just about increasing profits, but also about the growth of loyalty.

Table 1 – Benefits of employee training

For a company
For an employee
  • Improvements in work performance;
  • Profit growth (or achieving another business goal, for example, entering a new market);
  • Reduction of staff turnover.
  • Increased motivation;
  • Increased personal value as a professional;
  • Increased personal income.

If we are talking about the UAE, there are quite a few organizations here that are ready to provide you with integrated solutions in organizing employee training. And the Atton Institute is one of those. The list of training programs for employees at the Atton Institute includes more than 40 courses, both in hard skills and soft skills, so you can quite find here an acceptable solution for yourself.