Executive Seminar – Modern Trend in Business Education in Dubai

Executive Seminar – Modern Trend in Business Education in Dubai

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Executive Seminar – Modern Trend in Business Education in Dubai

Executive leadership seminars

Who needs executive leadership seminars and what for? Not all managers have enough knowledge, skills, and experience to manage their teams and develop them effectively. Just like any other specialist, a leader must be competent. Executive training seminars, as one of the forms of vocational training, are designed to help in obtaining special skills, knowledge, and experience.

Moreover, the requirements for an ordinary specialist and his/her responsibility are not so high, but a leader is much more responsible, the amount of knowledge and skills is much greater, and the price of error is high.

A leader will have to master a number of such important skills as

  • Basics of management;
  • Basics of analysis;
  • Basics of planning;
  • Crisis management;
  • Motivation and encouragement;
  • Creative thinking.

Of course, a seminar is a short-term form of training and a really good specialist will not appear immediately as a result of such a seminar, but it's not actually needed. For more substantial training, there are courses, and as for executive training seminars, they help to quickly master one or several specific skills, new technology or method. In this respect, the executive seminar is an indispensable solution.

What you need to consider in order to choose the best option for the executive seminar?

So, what should be taken into account when choosing the optimal solution for executive education? Firstly, it is important to remember which goals you set for yourself and your business (by the way, it's also the responsibility of a good leader to set the task correctly). Remember that seminars are a short form of training, usually taking 1-3 days, so do not expect that you will be able to get a good level from a zero level. If you do not have a background in managerial knowledge, it's best for you to register for the course where you can go through both the theory course and the course of practice. And at the seminar, you can consider a specific topic (or several), listen to how another person shares own experience or learn a new technology/technique. So, what are the main aspects of choosing a specific solution?

  • The seminar should help you in solving your specific business problem (say, entering the market of another country);
  • The skills, knowledge, and experience which coach shares with the audience should be suitable for various cases, not just some particular case considered;
  • The faster you get knowledge – the better, there is no need to waste your time on something not very useful, let's say a theory course.

Executive leadership seminars in Dubai

In the UAE, thousands of business projects are implemented every year, one of the best specialists in the field of management and business management live and work here. The conditions in this country allowed them to gain invaluable experience, which these people share, as leaders in the executive leadership seminars that are held in the country.

As a rule, seminars, courses, and training are organized by universities, institutes and business schools (although it happens that private individuals conduct such seminars), so that you will have plenty to choose from. Among them is the Atton Institute, where a whole training program for managers is developed. Classes are held in the form of seminars and are devoted to specific aspects of management activities: High-Performance Leadership Management, Professional Manager - Building Successful Team, Emotional Intelligence - Think Like a Leader. And for those who want to complete a full course, all these areas are united in the framework of a program for training managers.

Having passed the training course from the Atton Institute, a manager will receive a number of necessary skills and knowledge, and will master the basic tools necessary for implementing the business strategy:

  • Basics of team formation, staff motivation;
  • Fundamentals of planning and organizing themselves and their employees;
  • Basics of analysis and the necessary tools for its implementation;
  • You can develop those personal qualities that a leader should have;
  • Get an idea of the use of the psychological aspects of the EI.