Executive Leadership and Development - Looking for the Best Solution

Executive Leadership and Development - Looking for the Best Solution

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Executive Leadership and Development - Looking for the Best Solution

First of all, we should define what executive development training is. According to the Wikipedia, Executive education or development is a kind of professional education, provided by business-schools for leaders, top-managers, directors and company owners aimed at obtaining skills and knowledge, needed for effective management, planning, and control of people in business.

In our modern world of digital technologies and easy access to almost any kind of information, including that, concerned with executive leadership development training, you obviously have at least three possible ways to achieve the desired goal and obtain the knowledge, skills, and experience needed. And they are as follows:

  • Self-education with the use of information available on the network.
  • Online courses and training (there are several good options for learners in this market).
  • Classical professional training provided by educational providers – seminars and courses.

Now let us consider them in detail.

Forms of executive training and development for the modern leaders

As mentioned, the first way of education, a leader can choose is a self-education. Nowadays you can find a lot of training materials in various areas, in particular, for training and development of an executive. An obvious advantage of this approach is that you do not have to pay for training, although, it will take some time to prepare a program for yourself and the result may not be the one you want it to be.

The second way is online courses. This market has begun to grow rather quickly recently, there are quite a few different platforms, like Coursera or The Open University, providing their services. On the one hand, this approach will allow you to remotely learn from the best teachers and communicate with other participants of the training, and on the other hand, all you need is to sign up for the course.

However, despite all the advantages of online courses, as a form of training, yet classical studies remain the most effective means of teaching providing the closest contact and communication. In these classes, you will be able to get all the necessary knowledge and skills firsthand.

Table 1 – Comparing various forms of professional education

Forms of executive training

- Cost-effective;

- You control the pace of learning

- Requires time to find the right information;

- The intended effect may not be achieved.

Online courses

- No organizational work needed – program and schedule are already developed;

- Cost-effective.

- Limited contact with lecturer and other participants
Professional training in business school

- No organizational work needed – program and schedule are already developed;

- The most effective form of education – the closest contact;

- Networking

- Requires some investment

Executive development training in the UAE

You can find lots of educational solutions both from universities and from private institutions in the Dubai, the UAE. Hundreds or even thousands of new businesses appear in this region annually, so no wonder that the demand for business development executive training is growing here. One of the world best specialists work in local institutes, universities, and colleges. Besides, there is quite a good choice of programs so that you can select the one for your particular goals.

The programs of executive education can be both short – only several days or up to a week or two, and long – training courses for a whole year where besides of considering practical methods and techniques, the theoretical background is presented. For example, here is the course from one of the local institutes: High Performance Leadership Management – it lasts for three days, but due to the intense program it provides all the basic information for the effective leadership. This course will help you to:

  • Obtain a full understanding of leader functions, his/her role, knowledge, and skills necessary for this position;
  • Increase the effectiveness of own work;
  • Use different forms of motivation for employees;
  • Get an idea of the basics of the analysis and get acquainted with the tools for its conducting;
  • Develop a plan for personal growth and development;
  • Get basic skills in the formation of teamwork.

So, if you are looking for executive training and development solution, there are some options, available for you. Each of them has its benefits and drawbacks, but for now, the best and the most effective one regarding the result obtained is a course in executive training, and the courses from the Atton Institute are definitely a good solution.