Development of Employees in Organization – the Key to Success at All Times

Development of Employees in Organization – the Key to Success at All Times

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Development of Employees in Organization – the Key to Success at All Times

Organizations, interested in increasing their effectiveness are constantly looking for new opportunities for employee and organizational development. One of the most important goals for the development of any company is to increase the efficiency of its work.

In order for a company to survive in the rapidly changing market and maintain its position in a dynamic environment, it should be adaptive and flexible and invest in the development of its employees.

In a changing environment, the organization cannot move forward without changes, but these changes must not harm it. Therefore, a leader interested in success should be vigilant about the complex dynamics of human behavior at work in a changing situation, plan changes and prepare their implementation.

Employee and organizational development

It should be noted that organizational development is a set of coordinated efforts with the help of which the personnel of the organization is trained, developed and involved in production so that the overall level of organization increases.

The main idea of the concept of organizational development is that it is possible to achieve sustainable development only if the organization has an independent strategy that must be built and implemented on the basis of a combination of different efforts (using advanced development experience, advances of science, inviting consultants and specialists) and internal resources of the organization.

Organizational development is based on the priority attention to the use of human potential and the regulation of cultural postulates of the organization.

The main idea of organizational development is to help people organize the communicated regulation of the organization's culture in such a way as to achieve the goal and intentions of the organization and simultaneously advance human values.

How to develop a plan for the development of employees in an organization

People often plan their tasks, even such small ones as the list of products to be bought in a supermarket. The more complex and bigger is a task, the more carefully one should plan it. However, it happens that when working with the company's personnel we do not follow such a development plan, but simply "fight a fire," trying to increase the level of some specialist to cope with the new task as short as possible. Therefore, it is very important to draw up a similar plan for the development of employees in an organization. The general structure of such a plan is presented below.

Employees development plan

  • General Provisions. Description of the current situation. A general description is as follows: what is the duration of education, by whom and for whom the plan is made, who approved it, etc.
    • Description of the current situation in a company.
    • What a company is tending for – a summary of the company's strategy.
  • Objectives of personnel training
    • Quantitative development of staff.
    • Qualitative development of personnel.
  • Functional plans.
    • Recruitment plan.
    • Plan for layoffs and staff movements.
    • Work plan with the personnel reserve.
    • Training plan for staff.
    • Plan of performance appraisal.
    • Staff incentive plan.
    • Communication plan with staff (presentations, meetings and meetings, meetings, publications in accessible media, letters, orders, seminars).
    • Internal research plan (including work analysis, benchmarking, etc.).
  • A calendar plan for the activities of the Human Resources Management Department (compiled on the basis of the functional plan, should contain information on the executors, responsible, planned indicators for monitoring implementation, a list of necessary resources).
  • Budget (compiled on the basis of the functional plan).
  • Conclusion (general recommendations, principles, conclusions, observations).
  • Appendices (documents needed to explain the individual items of the plan).

As you can see, the staff development plan can include quite a few items, but they are all needed to understand and control the process fully. To get practical skills in developing a plan and implementing a development strategy in the company, we recommend that you enroll in courses for HR professionals.