Corporate Training and Development Courses for Companies in the UAE

Corporate Training and Development Courses for Companies in the UAE

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Corporate Training and Development Courses for Companies in the UAE

Many factors determine the success of a business. Some of them are external, and it is practically impossible to influence them, others, internal ones can be corrected. But anyway, in any, even the most difficult circumstances, the well-coordinated work of the whole team and the company's management will allow surviving in any crisis. Therefore, corporate training and development can be considered a major investment in the future of the company.

We live in a time when science and technology are developing at an incredibly fast pace, and innovations are being introduced into all spheres of economic activity, and therefore, professional training of personnel becomes a very important priority in the development of any business.

Corporate training and development is a holistic system of means aimed at achieving the set goals within the framework of intensive training. The advantages of such training are in the ability to adapt to the needs of the company, which allows you to get more tangible results.

Corporate training and development programs allow a company to:

  • To define the goals and objectives of the company and its structural units together with the leaders, directions and leading specialists;
  • Together with leading employees find reserves for the development and promotion of a business;
  • Agree on the goals and objectives of the company and agree on the goals of the units, develop plans for achieving common business goals;
  • See the work of leading decision-makers, their management style, give them feedback;
  • Develop a common language and a common approach to solving business problems;
  • Ensure that all managers understand the tasks correctly and will act to achieve a common goal;
  • Develop common action plans for the company.

During the training and development process business coaches do the following:

  • Determine the need for training for personnel, its subject and form in accordance with the company development strategy; identify gaps in the system of knowledge and skills of the company personnel; develop a set of training activities;
  • Develop an integrated system of training activities using various forms of training (training, lectures, seminars, master classes, distance learning), adapt basic training programs directly to the needs of the company;
  • Develop and provide participants with methodological training materials on the subject of training; give recommendations on the harmonious integration of training in the existing system of staff motivation;
  • Provide the manager with quality feedback on the activities carried out with recommendations for further development of the staff;
  • Carry out coordinated post-training activities and study sessions, which allow increasing the effectiveness of the program several times.

Corporate training and development solutions in the UAE

After the inflow of investments into the real sector of the economy, a real boom in the field of vocational training followed. New companies and corporations require qualified personnel, as well as well-coordinated work of their teams, and they have such an opportunity in the UAE.

There are universities, colleges, and institutes that offer their solutions: courses, seminars, and training – each company will be able to choose the optimal solution in terms of time, materials and form of training. The Atton Institute in Dubai offers one of the best solutions both in terms of time and obtained knowledge. There are both corporate training and development courses and training and development programs available.