Corporate governance training – key benefits for business

Corporate governance training – key benefits for business

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Corporate governance training – key benefits for business

One can ask, what are corporate governance training courses for? What is the main goal of such training and what benefits does it give to people in business? Corporate governance courses can help to find out how to make a company work more effectively. This is especially relevant for such rapidly developing economies as in the UAE.

Corporate governance training provides you with all the necessary knowledge, skills and tools needed to increase the performance of your business. An experienced company director and its board, having the necessary knowledge and skills, can minimize the risk, prevent a company from collapse, ensure its steady growth, and the use of company’s existing potential.

The main challenge, company leader, is faced with is effective governance. Just like in all other areas, modern technologies, globalization, and informatization influence the development of modern approaches to management. Training corporate governance is simply necessary to enable responsible managers and directors making the right decisions and effectively manage companies.

Corporate governance courses can help board members and director to evaluate the effectiveness of their work and to define the main problems and perspectives of a company. Even the most experienced top manager can get something new from the business courses.

Corporate governance models

Corporate governance describes the system of the highest level of management of a company. The corporate governance system is an organizational model that is designed, on the one hand, to regulate the relationship between managers of companies and their owners, on the other – to harmonize the goals of various stakeholders, ensuring the effective functioning of companies. There are several models of corporate governance, and these models are typically the subject of corporate governance training courses. The variety of national forms of corporate governance can be divided into groups that gravitate toward two opposite models:

  • American, or an outsider, model is a model of joint-stock company management based on a high level of the use of external to the joint-stock company mechanisms, either market, corporate control mechanisms, or control over the management of a joint-stock company. English-American model is typical for the United States, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand. The interests of shareholders are represented by a large number of small investors isolated from each other, which are dependent on the management of the corporation. The role of the stock market is increasing, through which control is exercised over the management of the corporation.
  • German, or insider, model is a model of joint-stock company management, based primarily on the use of internal methods of corporate control, or methods of self-control. The German model of corporate governance is typical for the countries of Central and Western Europe, Scandinavian countries, less typical for other countries of Europe. It is based on the principle of social interaction: all parties interested in the activities of the corporation have the right to participate in the decision-making process (shareholders, managers, personnel, banks, public organizations). The German model is characterized by a weak focus on stock markets and shareholder value in management, as the company itself controls its competitiveness and performance.

The American and German models of corporate governance are two opposite systems, between which there are many options with a predominant dominance of one or another system and reflecting the national characteristics of a particular country. The development of a certain model of corporate governance depends mainly on three factors:

  • the mechanism for protecting shareholders' rights;
  • functions and tasks of the board of directors;
  • level of disclosure.

You can learn from professionals on corporate governance training courses what structure to choose exactly in your case for your company.

Short courses in corporate governance in Atton Institute

Atton Institute in Dubai, UAE offers a wide range of professional courses, training, and seminars, including corporate governance courses. One can select both individual course or specially designed programs.

At the certificate course in corporate governance in Atton institute in Dubai, our specialists will show the best and the most topical governance practices. Choose corporate governance training form Atton institute, and you will not regret!