Continuing Professional Education is the Key to a Successful Career

Continuing Professional Education is the Key to a Successful Career

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Continuing Professional Education is the Key to a Successful Career

The concept of professional education is fully described here and we would just make a small review. Both a beginner starting his/her career, and an experienced specialist need constant professional education and mastering new knowledge and technologies, in order not to lose relevance in the labor market, as any professional knowledge may become useless in our rapidly changing world.

No matter what is your level of professional development, one way or another there is always something that can be improved and there is always a way to move up the career ladder.

In professional education courses and classes, the trainees are shown how to correctly and effectively engage in self-study, and most importantly they receive useful practical skills that can be quickly implemented at work, gaining a significant increase in efficiency.

Objectives of professional education of company personnel

Employees training in a company involves the solution of a number of tasks:

  • Involvement of employees in the work on increasing labor efficiency and productivity.
  • Staff training for changes and innovations, as well as participation in these processes.
  • Increase the motivation of employees, their commitment to results.
  • Improvement, through the professional training of staff, their skills, and knowledge.
  • Improving teamwork, developing working relationships in the group and increasing the level of loyalty to the company as a whole.
  • Identification of problem situations and creation of conditions for their solution.
  • Increasing the level of competitiveness of an enterprise in the market, enhancing its position among competitors.

When choosing training events, the management of a company is guided by the goals and tasks that are relevant for them. However, there are a number of common factors that influence the choice of the decision on vocational training. These are the expected conditions for conducting the training: the time of the training; the format of vocational training, as well as teaching methods, the cost of programs and courses, and their payback; the number of employees to be trained.

The organization of the training of personnel requires considerable and lengthy preparatory work. In this regard, often, it is carried out in advance, an action plan is developed, groups of students are gathered, etc.

Organization of employees’ education in a company

In order to organize the training of company personnel and prepare the necessary measures, specialists have to analyze data related to:

  • Staff of a company and its management;
  • Conducted work operations;
  • Objective loss of working hours (due to temporary incapacity for work, time off, etc.), as well as the lack of employees in employment for disrespectful reasons;
  • Staff turnover;
  • Quality of products manufactured by a company or the services it provides;
  • Organizational and management information;
  • Employee efficiency;
  • The level of their qualifications and the need to train staff in the organization.

After assessing the information collected, specialists identify areas that require improvement. This allows to specify the tasks and develop the necessary measures for their implementation. As a result of these actions, the basis of the curriculum and the method of its passage are determined. Also, the criteria for selecting employees assigned to professional retraining or advanced training courses.

Professional Education and Career Development in the UAE

The economy of the UAE, due to thoughtful and effective state policy, has all the necessary prerequisites for further development and growth. On the one hand, there are a lot of companies and corporations that ensure stable demand for specialists of different directions, and on the other hand – courses, training, seminars, and workshops, where the best specialists teach, and where you can master the latest knowledge and skills.

Public and private schools and institutes work in Dubai to meet the growing demand for vocational education. The Atton Institute is one of the best local organizations, which offer their professional education solutions.