Career Development - How to Become a Successful Specialist?

Career Development - How to Become a Successful Specialist?

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Career Development - How to Become a Successful Specialist?

People who are associated with success set goals for personal and career growth and ensure that all their actions contribute to the achievement of these goals. They act logically, reasonably and in an organized manner, tending to achieve the results that they have identified as important for themselves. If you haven’t yet got the necessary knowledge and skills, you can get them at various career learning classes (seminars, workshops, courses).

On career learning training you will be able to develop your skills of self-organization, self-study, self-control, and self-analysis, and also get all the necessary knowledge about the techniques and tools that will help you achieve your desired goal in your career.

Staff development management in the organization

Staff training is aimed at expanding staff professional competencies. Ideally, it is part of the company's strategy and is required: for example, when developing new markets for the sale of goods and services, for technical re-equipment and modernization of production, and for expanding the spheres of activity. There are also possible unexpected reasons for the beginning of staff training: a decrease in the production and financial indicators of the whole company or its subdivisions, changes in the legislation.

HR specialists are responsible for staff training, and there are staff training departments in large companies. To properly organize training, you should first identify the need for it. The following methods can be used for this:

  • Analysis of the employee's activities during the probation period. It helps to understand whether to conclude a contract for permanent work with subsequent training or to refuse an employee to work.
  • Collecting applications for training. Applications can be received from the heads of structural units or the employees themselves.
  • Attestation of employees. This can be the next step to be held after the end of a probation period, with promotion or transfer to another structural unit. Based on the results of certification for each employee, a special commission develops personal recommendations for training and further development.

Training of employees can be organized by the company's own forces (internal) or outsourced (external).

  • Internal. It can be organized in a case if there is a department for training and development of personnel or with a sufficient number of professionals capable of instructing less experienced employees and supervising their work. The benefit of this approach is the continuity of production, as well as strict binding to the needs of the company. The reverse side of the internal training is the lack of fresh ideas and methods from outside.
  • External. If the company does not have the staff resources to organize the training, employees are sent to specialized courses. This approach is often more costly for the company than the organization of internal training. In addition, external training is more general and does not take into account the specifics of the work of a specific company.

The choice of the form of training or their combination depends on which training concept of employees leadership wants to implement, and what strategic goal they want to achieve.

Career development learning

Planning, and setting the right goals is an essential part of career growth, so they are considered in detail at career development learning. As for the UAE, there are plenty of solutions available for those career cruising in local and international companies. And one of the career learning centers is the Atton Institute.

The fast-growing market of the UAE constantly requires professionals from various fields: economics, finance, technology, management, marketing, etc. So these are among the most popular career learning fields. Experienced professionals who can organize themselves and others will get decent conditions here. So you should definitely consider the available options for learning and development careers in this country.