Competencies knowledge skills and Successful Career Promotion

Competencies knowledge skills and Successful Career Promotion

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Competencies knowledge skills and Successful Career Promotion

Competency is the ability to apply knowledge, skills, and successfully act based on practical experience in solving problems. Often, a competency is understood as formally described requirements for personal, professional and other qualities of a candidate, employee, or a group of employees of a company. Recently, business has become more careful about human resources issues. Therefore, now the core around which work with staff is carried out is a model of corporate competencies.

A competency model is a set of qualities, skills, and knowledge necessary for the successful performance of some work in an organization. Competency is what you can measure and change (learn, develop). If it cannot be measured or, after measurement, cannot be changed or developed, it is not a competency.

Any specialist from a regular employee to the top-level manager should constantly work on own competence skills and knowledge. As new techniques and technologies appear almost every day, professionals never stop their learning process and mastering new practices and knowledge, and if you do not on improving your knowledge competency, you risk to lose your qualification and to be superseded by competitors, those who pay due attention to their professional development.

Both the rapid development of international trade and the emergence of new proposals from universities and colleges contribute to the growth of the market in the training of skills and knowledge.

On the one hand, we are now witnessing the emergence of new specialties and even business directions, and on the other hand, a really good specialist should have knowledge and competence from related fields, so as to be able to perform a wide range of tasks.

At various classes on professional training students get the modern knowledge and skills necessary for their work in the most accessible form and, very importantly, as quick as possible.

Types of competencies

There are several types of competencies:

  • Organizational – applicable to any position in the company.
  • Professional competencies – the competencies required for a particular profession.
  • Management (behavioral competencies – those that, regardless of the department, are applied to all company executives).
  • Cognitive competence – includes the mechanism of goal-setting, planning, analysis, reflection, self-estimation. It is this competence that is the basis for the non-standard thinking, creativity, heuristic methods of problem-solving.
  • Communicative competence is the mastery of the skills of interaction with people, the ability to work in a group. This is also associated with "involvement" – the ability to be integrated into a part of a larger structure, actively developing this structure. Communicative competence also includes the group of abilities of teamwork, interaction, an organization of processes with several participants.

Opportunities for professional education in Dubai, UAE

Here in the UAE, there are all the necessary components for those who intend to develop own career. The educational services are offered by numerous business schools, institutes, and universities. Moreover, you can choose both a specific area of training, (trade, customer service, and investment are the most demanded areas), and the form of training – seminars, training, courses, and workshops.

If you are going to develop your career, we suggest that you pay attention to Dubai, UAE. Here in the Atton Institute, you will find the best opportunities for professional training and further career development.