Choosing Training Manager for Corporate Learning and Development

Choosing Training Manager for Corporate Learning and Development

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Choosing Training Manager for Corporate Learning and Development

What is corporate learning and development and why is it so important? The relevance of corporate learning and development continues to grow these days. This happens for several reasons, mainly due to increased competition in the internal and external markets and the need to stand out from the rest.

When it comes to the success of the whole company, team play is important, along with the individual skills and experience of all the team members.

Of course, the professional level, and the experience of all professionals from an ordinary employee to the director of the company is important, but also the ability of individuals to play in a team. Everyone needs such skills as the basics of business communication, the ability to plan, the basics of analysis, in order to establish the effective work of the entire team.

The role of training manager in the corporate learning process

The goal of a training manager is to improve the skills, professional qualifications and efficiency of employees in a company. Training manager is a specialist engaged in professional training and corporate learning within an enterprise. This specialist conducts training, business games, teaching lectures. The tasks of the training manager include the following:

  • training of personnel within the company;
  • development of special programs for training;
  • monitoring of the market for external training and programs.

A training manager works within a company and provides full consulting support. First, he/she has to identify the need for training, determine in what areas there are gaps in employees` knowledge skills and how to eliminate them.

For each specific case, this specialist should use adapted programs, specifically developed or selected training material. Upon completion of the training phase, a training manager provides post-training support and evaluates the learning outcomes.

An effective training manager uses a variety of methods and technologies to get the best result. This specialist can apply the following forms of training:

  • trainings;
  • business games;
  • educational films;
  • mini-lectures;
  • teamwork in groups;
  • computer training programs.

The specialist defines a special time and place in the training process for each exercise. A training manager provides a competent combination of training and motivation of the staff.

Opportunities for corporate learning and development in Dubai

In response to the increased demand for vocational training in the professional training market of the UAE, corporate learning companies have emerged that offer their services both for individual clients and for corporate clients. The UAE has created all the necessary conditions for professional growth and development, as well as for corporate learning. Both private and public educational organizations are presented here, and the range of services provided is so broad that everyone can choose the optimal solution accordingly to money, services and time – seminars, training, workshops, and courses.

Programs for courses and training are developed by experienced professionals in their field who have real practical experience in applying particular skills and knowledge, so you can safely expect that the proposed materials can be implemented in practice and they will give the desired result.

So, if you are considering the opportunities for corporate learning, you should pay attention to offers from educational organizations in Dubai, the UAE, the Atton Institute, for example.