Choosing Education Experts for Professional Education in a Company

Choosing Education Experts for Professional Education in a Company

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Choosing Education Experts for Professional Education in a Company

We live in a time when innovations are being introduced absolutely everywhere and constantly. So, even the knowledge that you received several years ago during college education may become obsolete with the appearing of some new technology, so the interest in vocational training, including the involvement of education experts, continues to grow all over the world.

Choosing education expert

The main goal of the business trainer activity is to adapt a company to the conditions of a changing competitive environment, training its employees, developing their business skills necessary to work in conditions of change. Thus, a business coach is one of the key factors that help the company to transform itself into a learning organization. To do this, the business coach solves the following tasks:

  • Change the attitude of employees to the activities performed;
  • Form an active position and change behavior;
  • Strengthen the team spirit and build a corporate culture;
  • Develop advanced business technologies and business skills.

Among the basic parameters of professional training and experience of a business coach are the following ones:

  • Professional education of a business coach in the field of modern teaching methods;
  • Professional experience as a business coach;
  • Professional training in business;
  • Experience in professional business;
  • Recommendations of corporate customers;
  • Recommendations of training participants;

There are following estimates of the quality of work of a business coach:

  • The share of repeated orders from one customer;
  • Duration of cooperation with customers;
  • The share customers who came on the recommendation;

Knowing the functions of the business coach in training a customer will understand what should be expected from the business coach and understand exactly what kind of trainer is required for a company. A set of functions for business coach is as follows:

Table 1 – a set of functions for business coach

Function of education expert
Description of the function of education expert
The one who has knowledge in the subject of training
Studies the needs of the organization in personnel training, determines the training objectives as a means of solving the tasks of the organization
Developer of educational materials
Develops manuals and handouts
Specialist in technical means of education
Uses audiovisual, computer and other technical means during the training
Supervises the process of preparing to the educational process, including the educational premises, equipment, etc.
Provides information, builds the work of participants
Manages the process of interaction in a group
Specialist in marketing
Promotes training services, builds contacts with stakeholders in the organization, helps them to see opportunities for training and development of staff
Professional development consultant
Helps participants to assess their professional qualities, skills, realize goals and values, plan professional development
Training and Development Manager
Plans, and organizes the training process, chooses personnel for training projects, establishes and tracks the links between training and development of personnel and other areas of work of the organization

Education experts in Dubai the UAE

When a specialist faces the need for his/her own vocational training, there are at least two options available.

  • Since a working person already has certain skills and experience in some field, he/she can on own training work independently. It should be noted that in our days there are enough materials and tools over the Internet enabling such training. However, in this case, all the work will have to be done by yourself, which means additional time and efforts. Besides, the result may not be the same as expected.
  • There are also many opportunities for professional training from institutes and universities. There are opportunities for training in the form of seminars, trainings, and courses, among which you can choose the optimal solution for yourself, both in terms of time, money, and the amount of knowledge gained.

As for the specific areas in which training is conducted they are leadership and organization management, marketing and product promotion, logistics and the basics of international trade, etc., everything related to the import and export of goods is in great demand in the country.

If you are looking for professional training solution, pay attention to the Atton Institute where the leading education experts work. There are Courses and Programs for specialists in marketing, management, sales and customer service.