Choosing the Best Option in Business Studies Courses in the UAE

Choosing the Best Option in Business Studies Courses in the UAE

Additional Selection Criteria

Choosing the Best Option in Business Studies Courses in the UAE

What are business studies courses and why are they becoming more and more popular in the UAE?

Business studies courses (or business management course) are aimed at developing the management skills of the organization leaders – administrators, managers, and directors. With the rapid economic growth in the country and the emergence of more and more companies, both in and outside of free zones, the demand for managers of all ranks continues to grow, and therefore in the market for vocational training services, the number of proposals for business studies courses is growing respectively.

It should be noted that in recent years both the form and content of such activities have changed dramatically with the implementation of modern technologies and the expansion of the market for educational services through private business schools. Now the time that passes from the development of a new methodology, or new technology in the field of management and until it begins to be studied in training classes is minimized. In fact, as soon as there is some worthwhile technique, tested in practice, it immediately becomes the subject of business studies courses for adults. In business management courses, the material is presented in such a way that it can be learned as quickly as possible, and more importantly, quickly implemented in its practice.

Several tips on how to choose the business management course

So, you have decided to complete a business studies course or select a business education program. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice for an organization that provides solutions in business management courses.

  • Choose a business school. Yes, it should be a business school (or business institute), and not some training company with a cheap website, and two teachers in it. The answer is obvious – only a business school, as a large educational institution, can provide a quality business education, because it has a standard educational procedure, ready business processes, methodologically verified educational material, professional teachers, and own brand with a reputation.
  • Check for a state license and accreditation. The state license of the business school is a necessary condition for making a positive decision. In case there is no license – turn around and leave immediately. As a rule, the legislation does not require the state accreditation for MBA programs. However, the presence of MBA accreditation is an important indicator of its quality. It is an excellent option if there are international accreditations, for example, from AMBA, AACSB, EFMD.
  • Evaluate the ratings of the business school, read the reviews. Information about the rankings of business schools, as a rule, is the starting point for collecting information about the business school and its programs. Even though 95% of posts and publications in the media about business schools have been paid by these schools (PR support for advertising), it should be checked how are business schools and their teachers mentioned in the media. Naturally, you have to look for substantial information: teachers' articles, new programs, concepts, results of discussions. Look for reviews of graduates on the Internet. It is clear that business schools themselves are not inclined to do critical reviews on their websites.
  • Conduct the study the of the program content. You have to clearly understand what exactly you want to achieve, with the help of business studies courses or management courses. Therefore, carefully study the program and determine if there are answers to your questions there.
  • Recommendations. Business schools, institutes, and other training organizations, always emphasize: the overwhelming majority of students come to them on the recommendations. Then the following question arises: then why they pay for expensive advertising in the media and the Internet? Try to analyze everything by yourself, evaluate recommendations critically.

Choosing business studies courses for adults in the UAE

There are state institutions and colleges in the vocational training market of the UAE, as well as private and even individual professionals who conduct their master classes. When choosing the optimal solution for yourself, we advise you to pay attention to such parameters:

  • Teaching material should contain valuable practical skills and experience that can be applied in practice;
  • The course teacher should have real practical experience in his/her field – only such kind of person understands all the features of the subject.
  • Classes should be not long in time.

And here, in Dubai, you can find such a solution for your business. Here are some examples of training courses and programs from the Atton Institute in Dubai.