Business Workshops and Seminars Give Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Business Workshops and Seminars Give Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

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24 Jan - 28 Jan, 2021 5 Days
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Business Workshops and Seminars Give Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Among the countries where one can find the easiest conditions for doing business, the UAE occupies one of the leading positions, and there are several reasons for this – strong state support, tax preferences, developed infrastructure and simplified bureaucratic procedures. However, even in such conditions, entrepreneurs may face certain difficulties, especially beginners who do not yet have sufficient experience in entrepreneurship. Business workshops and seminars will help cover the deficit in these skills and knowledge for both beginners and experienced entrepreneurs.

Here in the UAE, there are many opportunities for professional training for those who are going to do business – seminars, workshops, and training.

Features of small business workshops and seminars

Workshops are a very popular form of training today. Their main goal is to improve the effectiveness of professional work and interaction. Also, they allow developing skills, and knowledge of personnel. Both external experts and corporate trainers can hold business workshops.

The participant of this event gets personal experience and professional knowledge and skills that other participants have on the topic. The leader controls the process and directs the group's activities.

Modern small business workshops and seminars:

  • Present technique of effective negotiations;
  • Increase the level of sales;
  • Help to form a workable team;
  • Develop an individual working style;
  • Hold conferences and presentations;
  • Competently dispose of working resources;
  • Develop an optimal strategy for the development of a firm or organization.

Small business workshops and seminars can be divided into categories; there are four main categories.

  • There are classes helping to develop personal and business skills. Topics of those are diverse. During such workshops, you can learn the art of effective sales, negotiations for presentations and press conferences.
  • The second category is classes on effective management. They are held for the heads of companies. They help to solve various administrative tasks and develop their own management style.
  • The third category is workshops that focus on flexible responses in a changing environment.
  • The fourth category includes training that is conducted for people planning to do their business.

As a rule, the minimum duration of the workshop is several hours, and the maximum is one week. The main methods and techniques used in such exercises are analysis and evaluation of situations, development of projects and presentations, brainstorming, parametric practice, individual and group classes. Theoretical elements in the form of lectures are seldom used (sometimes theory is necessary to cover the topic fully). At the end of the workshop, the group has a certain tool, a model of behavior in a particular situation. Responsibility for the result of the learning process is shared between the participants and the facilitator. Each participant of the workshop receives an individual solution of a specific task. The contribution of participants determines the effectiveness of the event.

The choice of the optimal solution for the professional development of entrepreneurs

Among the educational solutions developed to help young entrepreneurs in the UAE are various courses, training, seminars, and workshops from private and public institutions – here you can choose the best solution for yourself regarding money, time and materials presented.

To choose exactly the solution that suits you, you should pay attention to such factors:

  • Good business workshops and seminars are carried out by real professionals with practical experience – those who have themselves achieved some success in business.
  • Those organizations that provide quality services in vocational training have relevant government certificates that confirm the high level of educational services.
  • Emphasizing the practice information that can be applied on business.

All this and much more can be found at the Atton Institute in Dubai.