Business Development Seminars for Business Beginners in the UAE
Professional Sales Manager
16 - 18 Jun, 2019

Business Development Seminars for Business Beginners in the UAE

If we are talking about the UAE, there are very favorable conditions for doing business here. The country regularly takes a leading position in the ratings of ease of doing business. But even so, a novice entrepreneur may experience some difficulties, he or she will not be able to cope with. That is why business development seminars are short but very effective classes where the newcomer will be able to get those necessary skills and experience (of other people) that are so necessary at the beginning of business activities.

What is necessary for an effective leader? Unlike ordinary employees, who have limited powers and limited influence over the company as a whole, it is not enough for a manager to have only knowledge in some particular area.

At business seminars you will be helped to master the skills that will help to develop a successful company:

  • Fundamentals of economic analysis and planning. If a leader can successfully assess prospects, analyze mistakes and take a weighted decision, this will be a significant contribution to success in business.
  • Fundamentals of management, business communication, and motivation. The overall success of the business largely depends on the well-coordinated work of your team, so creating the most favorable conditions for the work of the team is an important task.
  • Economic activity in different countries has its own features. There are some of those in the UAE, and of course, if you are a beginner, or from another country, you will need the help of professionals.

How to choose a business management seminar?

So, let's try, to consider the choice of business seminars and workshops briefly, in order to define what to pay attention to first of all:

  • Decide on your tasks. Obviously, there are a lot of offers in small business seminars available. If you have already set a goal to gain additional knowledge and improve your skills, you need to decide what you need for it, and in what area you have to improve your knowledge. The choice of training and its orientation depends on your tasks. For example, you are a beginner entrepreneur, and your business is related to the sale of goods. Then you are an ideal candidate for sales training. But do not choose the first one you will find, select the one that is as close to your business as possible. If you are going to order and sell goods from other countries, then find those who have already worked in this area for a number of years, and conducts various training. Another example: you are the head of a small company, and you see that your team has problems. Then it's worth choosing training aimed at solving conflicts in teams. Pay attention to how the training system is built, and what this course can bring you.
  • Pay attention to a coach. A very important role is played by the coach, who leads a certain course. It should be a person who not only knows in theory about the subject of conversation but can tell about own experience and example everything, share knowledge, transfer skills. As a rule, good business training is conducted by those who have already been working in their field for a number of years, and are very well versed in the topic that they are going to present. But you cannot determine this form the appearance of a person, therefore, before you will go for training, gather as much information as possible about the coach.
  • More practice, less theory. Of course, the theory is an important part of any training, but it should take no more than 25% of the total time. You do not come to a lecture to write, but to get practical skills, and to learn how to implement them in practice and your particular case. The coach should analyze the problems and situations and show how to apply the methods presented in your company or with your clients. Training should not be abstract, but specific, aimed at you and your employees.
  • Feedback and recommendations. Not all successful entrepreneurs are good business coaches. Even if a person is very clever, has reached great heights, has millions of companies and dozens of employees, this does not mean that he/she can properly and accurately present information to you. Not all businessmen decide to share their knowledge, and the reason is that they simply cannot do it correctly.

Opportunities for business training in the UAE

The UAE has quite a lot of opportunities for professional training. And the Atton Institute is one of the best choices for business training among private and public colleges and schools, in Dubai.