Certificate of Career - The First Step in Career Building in the UAE

Certificate of Career - The First Step in Career Building in the UAE

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Dubai, UAE GS-065
27 Mar - 31 Mar, 2023 5 Days
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Dubai, UAE ML-071
27 Mar - 31 Mar, 2023 5 Days
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Dubai, UAE AD-075
28 Mar - 31 Mar, 2023 4 Days
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Dubai, UAE ML-086
3 Apr - 7 Apr, 2023 5 Days
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Dubai, UAE RW-077
5 Apr - 7 Apr, 2023 3 Days
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Dubai, UAE GS-070
10 Apr - 14 Apr, 2023 5 Days

Certificate of Career - The First Step in Career Building in the UAE

Career and the role of professional education

In order to reach the desired level in career development, a specialist has to go step by step to this goal. In general, the way to success in a career can be presented in the following way:

  • Develop a career development plan;
  • Take a study course;
  • Analyze your results and make changes to the plan if necessary.

Professional education is the first step in the development of any specialist. It should be noted that the university diploma does not guarantee you a good high-paying job, and on the contrary - even short courses and quick career certifications can provide you with a specialty of high demand on the market and with good salary.

The courses and training for professional growth and development, as a rule, are of two types – directly related to a particular area, for example, marketing courses, or such training where the listener is helped to improve soft skills.

The list of best certificate careers with high salary in the UAE

In Dubai, UAE, one finds very favorable conditions for self-development and professional growth. Not only those having a high qualification can be quite successful here, but those, who completed some professional courses and got career certificates. These obtained career certificates can be considered as a strong argument in the eyes of the employer when applying for a job.

The rapid growth of all sectors of the economy without exception leads to the fact that the demand for qualified specialists is constantly high, and the popularity of quick career certifications among expats is growing. Let us consider some particular options for professional education that will provide you with a good salary (according to data of the Worldbank, the average salary for expats in the UAE is $3,250) and therefore is worth to be considered. The following table presents the short description of the most popular fields, where short training or courses can be a start of your successful career.

Table 1 – The most popular careers, short courses

Field of activity
Short description of this area
Average salary (as of 2017 in AED)
Sales and trade
Trade is developing very dynamically here. This is facilitated by state support and minimum taxes zero taxes as well as great rates on import/export of goods. The demand for a good sales specialist has already reached a very high level and continues to grow. Here the sales specialist with great experience is worth its weight in gold. This is a very promising direction, considering the prospects of trade development in the country and the region
Sales, retail – 14,000 AED
Customer Service
Strange as it may seem, but customer service specialists who do their job well can claim fairly large salaries in the country. It is important to use advanced modern methods and technologies to work with clients and success will be provided to you. Having started with a short course, you can make yourself an excellent career.
Call center specialist – up to 15,000 AED
New businesses need new people, and, accordingly, HR is also experiencing a stage of growth. For successful growth in this area, it is necessary to know modern technologies and have a clear vision of how the company staff should develop in order to the achieve the set goals. By mastering the basic skills and knowledge necessary for successful work in this area, you can look at specialized courses.
HR manager – 14,000 AED
Marketing and advertisement
Advertising and marketing are the front lines of any company. The success of any product directly depends on the effective actions of a marketer and an advertiser, so the demand for such people here is and will be at a high level.
Marketing manager – 14,000 AED, Advertiser – 20,000 AED
Since management and its effectiveness determine the success of the whole business, for the most part, good leaders have always been in demand, it is obvious and clear enough.
Manager – 50,000 AED

So as you can see, there are several ways for your possible career development, when quick career certifications will give you significant outlooks in the professional growth in the UAE.