Short Courses for Employment and Development of Soft Skills for Successful Career

Short Courses for Employment and Development of Soft Skills for Successful Career

Additional Selection Criteria
Dubai, UAE SA-059
25 Aug - 29 Aug, 2019 5 Days
Dubai, UAE MA-004
2 Sep - 5 Sep, 2019 4 Days
Dubai, UAE GS-038
2 Sep - 4 Sep, 2019 3 Days
Dubai, UAE HR-063
8 Sep - 12 Sep, 2019 5 Days
Dubai, UAE CO-066
8 Sep - 12 Sep, 2019 5 Days
Dubai, UAE PM-056
15 Sep - 19 Sep, 2019 5 Days
Dubai, UAE GS-065
15 Sep - 19 Sep, 2019 5 Days
Dubai, UAE MA-062
22 Sep - 26 Sep, 2019 5 Days

Short Courses for Employment and Development of Soft Skills for Successful Career

What are soft skills and why are they so necessary?

No matter what your specialty is and in what field you work. Besides some professional background, everybody should have at least basic soft skills. Why? That is due to several reasons: we work in teams, communicate and cooperate with partners, contact our customers. These employment skills are crucial for a successful career.

Soft skills relate to personal qualities (responsibility, discipline, self-management), as well as social skills (communication, in particular, listening, teamwork, emotional intelligence) and managerial abilities (time management, leadership, problem-solving, critical thinking). The skills of this class are difficult to track, measure and develop due to a significant humanitarian component they are not suitable for clear definitions and metrics. Any specialist besides the best vocational courses for employment also needs soft skills training – short courses for employment are a good solution to this problem.

Soft skills for a successful career

So, here are a few key skills that you have to develop in order to be an effective participant in the labor market.

  • Business conversation. Any specialist in one way or another communicates with other people. So, the ability to conduct effective negotiations and the ability to negotiate is the key to the success of sales department and to those, who are engaged in customer support service. Therefore, pre employment courses will be good for them.
  • Time management. The ability to effectively manage own time allows you to achieve your goals, keep the time, also, effective time management is invaluable in teamwork when the total result depends on the efforts of the individual members of the group.
  • Fundamentals of project management and leadership. It is clear that any manager or head of the department should have the basic knowledge of project management and leadership. However, sometimes it happens that in the process of career growth you are promoted from an ordinary employee to a team leader, and in this case, in addition to your professional knowledge, you will also need the ability to manage projects. Therefore, it is good for any specialist to have basic skills in this topic. Anyone who has ambitions to get a managerial position should be ready to manage others.

Choosing short courses for employment in the UAE

When choosing the final solution for soft skills training, it is necessary to exactly understand which goals are important for you in the first place:

  • Establishing interaction in a team is important first of all for those who are engaged in projects, for example, for IT professionals;
  • Establishment of communication with clients is important first of all for sales professionals and specialists from support services;
  • Establishment of interaction with partners is primarily necessary for the supply department and the logistics department.

It is also important that the form of training to allow you to practice the acquired knowledge and skills, therefore the effectiveness of lectures, for example, is not very high for improving your own soft skills, (self-learning, in this case, is also inefficient due to lack of practice).

There are options for online courses on corporate communication. Despite the advantages of this approach – maximum flexibility in choosing the time and place for classes, still, the limited interaction decreases its practical value. Therefore, the most critical decision from the point of view of the form of training are classical courses. And there is such an opportunity in the UAE.

A good solution for soft skills training will be short employment courses from the Atton Institute, for example, Advanced business communications skills