Where Can You Find the Best Learning Opportunities? In the UAE!

Where Can You Find the Best Learning Opportunities? In the UAE!

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Where Can You Find the Best Learning Opportunities? In the UAE!

The quality of education is the most important factor for successful career promotion. Everyone tends to get the best education – to learn from the best professionals. In the UAE you can find the best opportunities for learning – a lot of educational institutions offer their services to those who want to get modern knowledge and skills in business management, effective sales, digital marketing, improve the quality of work with customers. All classes are conducted by real professionals in their fields, who have real practical experience and are ready to share them. Every year new companies are registered in the country, billions of investments come here, and high-class professionals are invited to the country. All this contributes to the rapid growth of the market for educational services and vocational training.

If we are talking about professional training, it is presented by both academic courses from classical universities, and numerous seminars, training, conferences and other activities from private organizations where the best specialists from various fields can freely share their experiences, practical skills and knowledge. Both beginners, who have just started their work on self-development, and those who work and have experience will find the best learning option for themselves here.

How to evaluate best learning methods

It is not so simple to evaluate the quality of training, and most importantly, an objective assessment can be obtained only when training is completed, because it will be possible to evaluate the efficiency, the main criterion of training, after some time of the work practice. In order to determine the best learning techniques, the evaluation of the effectiveness of vocational training is conducted with a comprehensive assessment. Here are four criteria for determining the best learning programs:

  • Feedback from participants. The first stage of the evaluation is a survey of those who completed training, what are their impression about the program. A positive response does not mean that new knowledge and skills were mastered successfully, but a negative reaction to the learning process certainly means a low level of mastering the material.
  • Mastering of the material. Then the mastering of the material is evaluated. It is defined as changing attitudes, increasing knowledge and/or improving specific skills. Evaluation of mastering is carried out with the use of tests, role games, and other methods, the purpose of which is to make sure that the participants have learned the material and know how to use it.
  • Behavior of those who have completed training. Then it comes time to evaluate the behavior of participants, which should change as a result of training (working methods, changing attitudes to their job duties). However, the absence of changes does not necessarily mean that the program was ineffective. There are situations when the feedbacks are positive, the material is learned, but the behavior of the trainees has not changed, because there are no important factors, for example, the desire to change behavior (problems with motivation), the necessary knowledge (insufficient training), the corresponding socio-psychological climate (requires policy be changed by company), there is no incentive for behavior change (the reward system should be revised).
  • Results. By results, we mean positive changes that have occurred in the organization or team after training the staff. This includes: increased sales, increased productivity, improved quality, reduced staff turnover, and reduced negative feedbacks. Tracking of results should be carried out for a long period of time, as it happens that after some time after the training course sellers stop using new knowledge, skills, and skills and return to the usual methods of work.

Learn from professionals from the Atton Institute

The Atton Institute is a young organization, but the lecturers who work here know their business well, they have the latest knowledge in their fields and know how to quickly and efficiently introduce them into the work of your company. Those who look for vocational training can attend a training course on improving the quality of customer service, increasing the sales level, the basics of digital marketing and modern technologies for doing business, the basics of entrepreneurship and company management.

Choose only the best for learning option – learn from the best!