Advanced Training Solutions and Professional Development in the UAE

Advanced Training Solutions and Professional Development in the UAE

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Dubai, UAE MA-062
22 Sep - 26 Sep, 2019 5 Days
Dubai, UAE CO-050
22 Sep - 26 Sep, 2019 5 Days
Dubai, UAE HR-092
29 Sep - 3 Oct, 2019 5 Days
Dubai, UAE DM-002
6 Oct - 10 Oct, 2019 5 Days
Dubai, UAE SA-059
6 Oct - 10 Oct, 2019 5 Days
Dubai, UAE AD-075
6 Oct - 9 Oct, 2019 4 Days
Dubai, UAE CX-045
13 Oct - 17 Oct, 2019 5 Days

Advanced Training Solutions and Professional Development in the UAE

It is important to understand that, as a rule, the process of professional growth and development stops only when the career is over. Throughout the whole career, a specialist undergoes a continuous process of advanced training to stay abreast of the latest innovations and remain competitive in the labor market. Given the accelerating development of modern science and technology, the rapid growth of international trade and increasing competition, various solutions for advanced education are becoming increasingly in demand.

You should never save on training and professional growth; self-development is the investment that will pay off in any case.

Advanced training of personnel in a company

The whole process of advanced training in a company consists of several stages. The manager for training and development of personnel can choose both a private trainer and a training company that offers different directions of work with employees. Everything depends on the purpose of the work. If you need a quick guaranteed result, and lots of employees will participate in it, it is better to agree on cooperation with a professional agency. Training for staff costs a lot, so immediately decide on the budget you are going to spend and a period of training.

  • Preparing for advanced training of staff

    If you decided to conduct training, you need to understand the needs of the staff clearly, the number of employees who should undergo training, the training format. Formulate the request; it will correspond with the topic of the training. This may be a general problem, for example, it requires training in personnel management for managers or training of staff motivation. You can find an offer for almost any request in the UAE market.
  • Conducting the training

    Some companies have sufficient resources to conduct training on their own. In this case, the process runs like a clockwork. If you invite a coach from outside, and the group teaching practice has not yet been settled, check whether there is a suitable premise in the building and whether it is ready to accommodate all participants on a daily basis. In advance, talk to the trainer about which additional materials will be needed. Send out a notification to employees about the future training, and also warn them again in one hour before the event. Provide an introductory part so that employees are ready for what they have to work. Usually, this task is set for a coach.
  • Feedback from staff after the training

    One of the most important guarantees of the success of the training is your interest in feedback from the participants. Organize it in a way convenient for you: in writing dorm; verbal; anonymously; in a group.
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of training for staff

    Before the training, try to measure those indicators that have to be developed for employees. Measurements should be repeated immediately after training and after some time. So, you will see the effectiveness of the organized event.

Advance training institutions in the UAE

As a result of the increased demand for vocational education, the UAE has many different options for working professionals.

Here you can choose the optimal solution for yourself – training, seminars, workshops and courses from universities, institutes and other educational institutions allow you to choose the best for yourself and the volume of material, and the form of training and its duration. The Atton Institute is one of the top organizations that provide their educational services in the UAE.

Here, training is conducted on such areas of relevance for the country as sales techniques, international relations, business management, etc.