Advanced Learning Solutions and Prospects for Career Advancement in the UAE

Advanced Learning Solutions and Prospects for Career Advancement in the UAE

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Advanced Learning Solutions and Prospects for Career Advancement in the UAE

When you study at a university, college, or courses, all responsibilities for developing a curriculum, planning and conducting classes are solved by your educational establishment. But when you graduate from your university or college, the training is not stopped, as new methods, new knowledge and new technologies are introduced into all spheres of human activity almost every day, and we cannot afford to stay behind this process, and therefore specialists in all fields face the problem of advanced learning.

Corporate training and advanced learning process is developed specifically for the personnel of a particular company. These classes are intended to solve both educational and organizational tasks. If you have a goal to train 1-2 employees – it is better to send them to an open seminar or training. If there is the need for training on the same topic of 10 or more people – it is more useful and profitable to order advanced learning training financially.

The main task of advanced learning is to give the personnel of the organization the skills and abilities taking into account:

  • Your industry and intercorporate features;
  • Functions performed by the staff: before and after training;
  • Corporate culture of your company;
  • Strategic objectives and tactical goals.

Here is an approximate plan for implementing advanced learning in the company:

  • Identify the need.The stage is connected with establishing a level of the gap between the desired and real performance of the company.
  • Set goals. At the second stage, the objectives of training and the tasks of personnel training programs are formulated.
  • Defining content, forms, and methods. This stage includes the definition of specificity, considering the composition of the group, the scope of its participants, their wishes, goals and objectives, forms of conduct.
  • Selecting or training of teachers. At the fourth stage, specialists who will provide staff training are selected. They can be both the employees of the company and invited specialists from other organizations.
  • Preparing for the training, including organizational arrangements.At this stage, questions on the organization of corporate training are solved.
  • Conducting training. The stage implies the implementation of pre-agreed timetables and the plan of corporate events. In each group, the process is organized according to an individual schedule taking into account its specificity and set goals.
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of training. Then comes the evaluation of the effectiveness of the training by interviewing listeners. Also, it should be determined whether the goals and objectives set before the start of the training have been achieved, whether the professional level of the staff has increased and whether it has developed an understanding of how it is necessary to build its work to improve the efficiency of the whole department and the whole company.
  • Ensuring the positive transfer of knowledge gained in training in the daily work of the staff. Post-training activities allow students to consolidate the acquired knowledge and skills, get a clear idea of their use in the work process.

Institutes of advanced learning in the UAE

There are all the necessary conditions that contribute to professional training and self-realization and career growth here, in the UAE. Here are the most demanded corporate training today:

  • Sales training aimed at increasing the efficiency of managers work with clients;
  • Training in new technologies and marketing practices – for effective promotion of goods and services to new markets;
  • Training of management skills, the goal of which is to increase the effectiveness of employees occupying managerial positions.

And there are institutions that provide educational solutions, for example the Atton Institute, that provides complex solutions for professional learning of managers, sales managers, specialists in marketing and others.