Advanced Education and Skills Development Process in the UAE

Advanced Education and Skills Development Process in the UAE

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Advanced Education and Skills Development Process in the UAE

Even if you are a world-class specialist in your industry, you must still work on advanced education, since innovations are introduced everywhere and almost every day, and in order not to lose its relevance in the labor market, we have to learn constantly. In fact, knowledge and practical skills become obsolete with the introduction of new technologies and techniques, and this process is only accelerating. Here it is a question of all branches of human activities.

Realizing the need to work on our own professional skills and advanced education, we can choose either to go the way of self-study (now we have everything needed for it) or to choose the best solution for ourselves in the market of vocational training services.

Planning advanced education in a company

If we talk about the advanced education in a company, it is carried out in accordance with a plan. A plan for staff training typically includes several stages. Here is an example of such a plan:

  • The objectives of the plan. A development plan is a document drawn up for a period from several months up to a year. It is necessary to clearly define the whole algorithm of actions for the development of knowledge, skills, qualities of employees in it. It is the best option if every employee has an individual development plan, but often organizations develop a training plan for groups.
  • Select employees. It is necessary to independently determine the categories of employees, for which it is rational to invest in their development. In this category, key specialists, best employees, managers of all levels should be added to this list. Employees should be chosen based on certification, expert evaluation, recommendations.
  • Responsible for the development. The development plan is created by the manager responsible for the whole process. A specialist responsible for qualification takes part in all stages, but in some cases, they prefer to invite external consultants specializing in personnel development.
  • Draw up a training plan for staff. The next step is to organize a meeting of employees selected for development with the supervisor. During the conversation, the needs of employees, and the level of motivation are to be determined, and this helps to make the program.
  • Implementation of the plan. Successful implementation is possible only if the employee wants to improve his/her qualifications, and tends to this. Accordingly, it is necessary to work on the personnel's interest. When developing the plan, it is necessary to carefully negotiate with employees. They must understand the importance of increasing the level of knowledge, possible bonuses.

Professional development and training opportunities in the UAE

When we are talking about professional training in the UAE, it is important to understand that its rapid development is associated with a number of economic and political factors that determine the development of this market.

On the one hand, there has been a rapid growth of the economy and a steady flow of investments into business for a number of years, which contributes to the growth of the number of vacancies for a variety of specialties. And on the other hand, first-class specialists are already living and working here, teaching at courses, conduct seminars, and training – a demand generates a proposal.

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