Specifics of Adult Training in Career Development. Keys Aspects

Specifics of Adult Training in Career Development. Keys Aspects

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Specifics of Adult Training in Career Development. Keys Aspects

Changes constantly occur in the market, which means that managers need to learn, train their subordinates, and systematically retrain themselves. Training skills today are needed not only for corporate training specialists and HR managers but also for all managers. Adult education process has a number of specific features. First of all, let us consider the main adult training principles, and what is the difference between postgraduate education and school/college education.

Specifics of adult education training

Recently, the proven active methods of adult education have become increasingly popular: presentations, seminars, business and role plays, business training, case studies, discussions in small groups, modeling and execution of projects, training in action, etc. What is the difference between business education and traditional academic training? There are different approaches to the organization of interaction with students, and methods of communication, and the distribution of responsibility for results, and the motivating itself for learning.

When organizing business training, experts advise considering the following features of adults:

  • Conscious attitude to the process of own education;
  • Need for independence;
  • Need for meaningful learning (for solving an important problem and achieving a specific goal), which provides motivation;
  • Practical orientation with respect to training, the desire to apply the acquired knowledge and skills;
  • Vast life experience as an important source of learning;
  • Impact on the learning process of professional, social, domestic and time factors.

Typically, adults want to learn if they see the need for learning and the ability to apply its results to improve their performance. In addition, they are eager to participate actively in the process, bring their own experience and life values to the learning situations, try to correlate the learning situation with their goals and objectives. An adult person has many family and social responsibilities, so he or she learns without interruption. Adults master new knowledge and skills at different rates, so they need to individualize learning, increase self-esteem and self-respect.

The following list presents the typical types of training forms that are used to teach adults:

  • Lectures;
  • Audio and video presentations;
  • Practical demonstration;
  • Discussion;
  • Practical exercises;
  • Immediate application of the acquired knowledge.

As a rule, at adult training centers they tend to combine the methods described above in order to achieve the maximum effect – a little theory on lectures for general understanding and lots of practical exercises, discussions, etc. in order to practice practical skills. Anyway, the choice of an optimal solution for yourself totally depends on your needs and goals.

Adult training centers in Dubai, UAE

When we talk about the UAE, the Atton Institute is definitely one of the best adult training centers in the country. Thousands of companies are registered annually in free economic zones or the mainland, so the demand for highly-professional specialists in marketing, management, international trading and other fields is constantly growing. And since the demand for this knowledge is growing, so does the number of institutes and training centers. And in fact, adult training and education is the only guarantee for a specialist to keep in touch with modern trends in the field.