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Questions & Answers About Atton
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why choose Atton?

Atton Institute provides professional courses and trainings with the goal of improving and educating all types of business and government entities.

We have all the approvals and certifications from the Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA) Dubai, UAE.

We possess a number of memberships and certifications. Our training materials are prepared using the Atton Institute Learning Methodology© which makes fast and easy learning accessible and guarantees that, upon course completion, our trainees achieve great outcomes in professional and career development.

How different is Atton from other education providers?

We are highly specialized within the scope and distinct objectives of our courses. Whereas other course providers may concentrate on theoretical elements and offer quite similar course content, all our courses are exclusive and prepared entirely by the Atton Academic Team using the Atton Institute Learning Methodology©, and subsequently revised by international practitioners from various industries.

What is the background and experience of Atton Trainers?

All trainers at the Atton Institute have the necessary certifications and a professional background. All of them have the obligatory approvals from the respective UAE authorities as well as numerous international accreditations.

When preparing our programs, our trainers coordinate such programs with the specially designated and highly qualified principal of the center, who guarantees that all programs are comprised of high quality, relevant, and advanced information and materials.

What is the scope of the courses Atton provides?

Atton Institute provides a tremendously extensive scope of courses related to all major areas of professional development and expertise. All courses and trainings are highly praxis-related and, where applicable, include the element of customer centricity since putting customers in focus is the key approach for any business’s success.

What advantages do I get from completing Atton courses?

We provide our courses in Dubai for various groups – regular staff members, company managers at all levels, as well as business owners.

As a company staff member – with Atton Institute UAE, you obtain highly prized knowledge and skills which will enable you to be more valued by the company, with enhanced perspectives on career development.

As a company manager at any level – our courses will give you highly useful tools and abilities to achieve better performance in your department, resulting in positive change for further career advancement.

As a business owner – you will receive practical and clear ideas and guidelines on how to increase the company’s overall performance and success.

How does Atton qualify the success of its courses?

We have clear indicators for the success of our courses, which are assessed via the following criteria:

  • Better employee performance – we get endorsements that various departments start to receive noticeably more positive customer feedback and experience clear growth in personnel performance.
  • Better employment chances – our trainees have evident career advancements.
  • Overall company performance improvement – companies which send their employees and managers to our trainings observe clear growth of the company’s overall performance indicators.
  • Company owners who attend our courses improve the overall performance of their companies and the efficiency of their management decisions and strategy.

Where can I find more information on Atton Institute?

For detailed information on Atton Institute Dubai and all of our courses, please see the following sources:

  • On our website: check the “About us” section as well as the “Download” section.
  • You can send an enquiry via the “Callback Request” form so that we can get back to you at a time that is convenient for you.
  • There is also an option to request printed material – upon such request, Atton UAE will send you all our info via post.
  • Finally, you are always welcome to visit our office and get replies to all your questions in person. For our office location – see the address under the “Contact us” section of our webpage.

How do I contact Atton Institute Dubai?

You can contact Atton Institute via e-mail or phone as indicated on our website.

If you contact us over the phone, please specify the exact subject of your request. Atton has different training and operation departments, and thus our operator can connect you to the person who can reply to your specific queries.

The same is applicable to requests via e-mail – we have a central e-mail address, but we also have separate e-mail addresses for each of the respective departments.

You are also always welcome to come to our office, where our personnel will provide you with all the information you may require.

We also have the “Callback Request” option, which means you can fill in the online request form and one of our team members will get back to you.

You can also check other sections of our Common Questions block, as this section is fairly extensive and you may find answers to a great number of your questions there related to our education center in the UAE and the trainings we offer.

Is Atton Institute licensed in the UAE?

Atton Institute UAE has all necessary licenses and certifications according to the relevant UAE regulations of the Knowledge and Human Resource Development Department of Dubai and other authorities.

We possess the UAE license for provision of Professional & Management Development Trainings as well as Technical & Occupational Skills Training.

We also have a number of professional international acknowledgments, memberships and accreditations.

Are the courses acknowledged by the KHDA?

All courses provided by Atton Institute Dubai are prepared and provided in accordance with the company license and the specified trainings which our learning center is licensed to provide.

The KHDA (Knowledge and Human Resource Development Authority) has issued the required endorsements on the courses Atton Institute UAE offers.

What type of credentials does Atton have?

We have a number of local and international credentials and accreditations. Such accreditations are of various types and groups:

  • Officially required Approvals and Licensing
  • Professional International Associations and Memberships
  • Various International Associations and Chambers
  • Quality Assurance Certification Memberships and Credentials

For detailed info on Atton Dubai certifications and credentials, see the respective page of our website: “About us” =>“Our accreditation”.

Are there any special dress code regulations for attending the Atton Institute Courses?

We apply the minimum requirement of Smart Casual or Business Casual dress code, which means we ask our participants to refrain from dress which may be considered inappropriate for common UAE praxis.

As the minimum requirement, men shall wear closed shoes and long trousers or jeans and shirts or polo shirts. Ladies shall wear dresses which are not too revealing.

In the event a trainee comes to training in Dubai or another location in clothing which may be considered inappropriate, he / she may be stopped from attending the course.

Course mobile phone policy

We kindly ask our attendees to refrain from using their mobile phones for phone calls inside the classroom.

In the event a trainee keeps his / her phone switched on, we ask that you keep the phones in silent mode and, in the event there is a necessity to make a phone call, that you make such calls outside of the classroom.

Photos, video and audio recording regulations during classes

Photos, audio and video recording by trainees during courses is not permitted.

The solely authorized persons who can make such recordings are the representatives of the Atton Institute UAE or other persons duly authorized by Atton Institute.

Photos and recordings made during classes can be used by Atton Institute Dubai for marketing or educational purposes.

Distribution of marketing materials during classes

Distribution of any third-party materials by persons not duly authorized by Atton is strictly prohibited.

In the event a trainee attempts to distribute third-party marketing materials of any nature, he / she may be requested to leave the training.

What is the age requirement for course participants?

There is a minimum age requirement of 18 years.

Our trainings and programs in the UAE include courses for professional education and occupational skills development and improvement.

Such trainings cannot be considered as a substitute of any nature whatsoever for a general education.

What are the visa requirements for international students?

For GCC citizens, there is no visa requirement to visit the UAE. For other nations, visa is subject to separate regulations, listed below.

Citizens of the following countries have the visa-on-arrival option for a maximum period of 30 days:

Australia, Austria, Andorra, Belgium, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Romania, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, United States of America, United Kingdom.

For citizens of other nations, the tourist / visit visa can be obtained through the travel agency of your choice in your home country or through the hotel which you choose as your accommodation for the duration of your courses / trainings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the info above is subject to possible change by the UAE Immigration Authorities. Thus, prior to your trip, please check the latest status for visa regulations for citizens of your country.

Can Atton Institute help me to get accommodation and a visa in the UAE?

If you need assistance with accommodation or a visa, our administration office can provide you with a list of the accommodation options we recommend for the time of our courses / trainings.

Such accommodation facilities commonly offer assistance for obtaining the UAE visitor visa for the duration of the training / course.

Your request for our accommodation and visa support must be sent to us at least 14 days prior to the course date.

Where in Dubai are the course venues located?

We have various training venues where Atton Institute Dubai courses are held. For details on our venues, please visit the “Atton Venues” page.

Venues for courses in other Emirates of the UAE

We also provide the option of Atton Institute courses outside of Dubai – for these courses, we have training venues in Abu Dhabi.

Venues outside the UAE

Atton Institute UAE concentrates on Dubai as its main territory of operations. Some courses are provided in Abu Dhabi as well.

On top of this, we provide external training sessions outside of the UAE in such cities as Riyadh, London, Paris, and Geneva. For details, see our course calendar.

What facilities are offered at the venues?

All training venues used for Atton Institute UAE courses have fully-equipped conference room facilities, with projectors and audio equipment.

The classrooms also have specially designated places for coffee and lunch breaks, valet parking and all other features which may be required for a comfortable and productive learning environment.