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Common Questions - Registration / Payments
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I register for a course?

There are a few ways to proceed with course registration.

  • The fastest and easiest method is through the Atton Institute website – choose the training you wish to register for, click the option “Register for a course”, and follow the steps.
  • Over the telephone (you can find the number on our website).
  • Send us an e-mail.
  • You are also always welcome to come to our head office in Dubai. You can find the address on our website under “Contact us”.

What is the deadline for course registration?

Normally, you are required to register for the course at least 2 weeks prior to the course date. Registration on shorter notice is possible depending on availability of places and on your request.

Atton Institute Dubai professional trainings are in high demand, whereby the number of participants per course session is limited.

Thus, if you want to make sure you have a place in an Atton UAE course, we suggest registering at least 6-8 weeks in advance.

Do I have to come to Atton’s main office to register for the course?

Course registration can be done online on the Atton Institute UAE website, as well as over the phone, or via e-mail. You are not required to come in person to proceed with course registration.

How can I change my course registration date?

Once you have registered for a certain Atton Dubai professional training, you will receive official confirmation.

If you wish to change your registration to another date or course, this is possible under the applicable conditions whereby your request shall be sent to Atton Institute UAE in written.

How can I cancel my course registration?

You can proceed with course cancellation by sending us an e-mail or filling in the course cancellation form and sending it to us.

Please be aware of the applicable refund policies available under our Terms and Conditions.

If my course date is still a couple of months away, shall I register now or wait?

We suggest, once you have chosen a course or program with Atton Institute UAE, that you register for it well in advance. This will secure your place in the specified professional training on the date you have chosen.

The earlier you register, the better it is for you. Moreover, there may be some discounts available for early registration.

How do I pay for courses?

You can pay for the course via the various methods specified in the section below (“Possible forms of payment for courses”). Until you have made the payment, your registration for the Atton Institute Dubai training is considered incomplete.

Possible forms of payment for courses

We offer the following payment options:

  • Bank transfer to our bank account (specified in our course registration form)
  • Cheque issued to Atton Institute
  • Cash (paid in person at our head administrative office; see our office location under “Contact us”)

How can I get a copy of my invoice or receipt?

Upon registering and paying for a course at Atton UAE, you are always provided with a course registration confirmation e-mail, which serves as confirmation that the course has been paid for.

If you need an additional receipt for the payment, please contact us. If you cannot find your previous receipt(s), we can provide you with a duplicate upon request.

What is included in the course fees?

The fees for Atton Institute UAE trainings, as indicated on our website and in other information materials, include all fees and charges within a course – the course itself, all training materials, a Certificate of Completion, and coffee and lunch breaks. For UAE courses valet parking is included as well.

Are there any discounts?

We have various options for discounts, including early bird registration and other options.

For details, see the “Discounts” section on the course page.

How can I cancel my course registration?

You can cancel your course registration by sending us the course cancellation form available in our “Downloads” section.

For details, see the applicable refund policies under our Terms and Conditions.

If I cannot attend the course, do I get a refund?

In the event that you cannot attend the Atton Institute UAE course, you can either make a timely cancellation or send a substitute to take the course in your place.

For details, see the applicable refund policies under our Terms and Conditions.

What are Atton Institute’s refund policies if I do not come to a course?

If you register for a course, do not make a cancellation, and then skip the training date, there is no applicable refund.