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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Training Courses and Programs FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What courses does Atton Institute offer?

Atton Institute UAE offers a complete series of courses and trainings in Dubai and abroad related to all major aspects of professional education – from the main Soft Skills to advanced seminars and courses on Marketing, Sales, Digital Advertising, Social Media, HR, Management and Leadership qualifications and other skills.

Are Atton courses licensed in the UAE?

Any and all courses and programs provided by Atton Institute Dubai are fully in line with the legislative requirements and licensing prerequisites of the UAE.

We have the main license for professional educational trainings as well as a number of international accreditations and certifications.

Which certificates do I receive when attending Atton courses?

Once you complete any of the courses provided by Atton Institute Dubai, you obtain an original Certificate of Completion with a special seal of authenticity.

You have the option to verify certificate validity on the Atton Institute Dubai website with the use of the specially designated and unique certificate identification code.

Click HERE to access the certificate authenticity verification page.

How many courses does Atton offer?

We offer an extensive range of courses in the UAE related to various elements of professional education. The number of courses we provide changes according to changing education requirements; however, on average we offer more than 100 courses at any given time. Some of these are provided on a regular basis and some upon special request.

Special trainings are provided upon particular request of a company which wishes to organize such training for its team members.

All courses published on our website and available in the course calendar are provided on a regular basis according to the training schedule.

What is the right course for me?

The most efficient way to find the most appropriate courses for you is to visit the “Courses” section on our website and find the respective department or area for your professional activity. Once you are in the correct section, you will find the Atton Institute Dubai courses and trainings related to your specific subject.

Moreover, we have a specially dedicated advisory team in our administrative department in the UAE which will help you find the courses which may be of particular interest to you. The advisory team can be of great assistance in choosing the Atton Institute professional training that is right for you.

Get in touch with our administrative team if you’d like them to help you select the best course for you.

Does each course provide the info I’m particularly interested in?

Before the start of every course, each course participant receives the Pre-Course Questionnaire Form to provide us with the specific points which you would like to be included in the course. The course instructor will then pay particular attention to these points.

Do you provide the course material?

Each course is supplemented by various materials which are provided in print as well as sent electronically via e-mail to the course participants.

Atton Dubai also recommends some additional supplementary material, such as books, reports and other useful info which can be used for extended study of the material.

How often are the courses repeated over the year?

Each course has a certain schedule and is repeated a certain number of times over the year.

Most of the courses are regularly held 4 - 6 times a year, but some of the most popular trainings are repeated more often.

In the event that you did not manage to register in time for a training you wished to attend, just check our schedule to see the next date when this course will take place.

Are your courses tailored to the UAE market?

Even though the UAE is a highly international and global marketplace, there are some cultural and other aspects which are specific to Dubai and other countries of the region.

Thus, using cutting-edge international praxis, Atton Institute courses are adjusted to certain unique aspects of the UAE and the GCC.

Who are the course participants?

Course participants are mostly professionals in various industries and of different levels – from regular employees to mid and high level managers and business owners.

According to our policies and the regulations of the UAE, our professional trainings are designated for people above 18 years old only.

On average, the majority of course participants range from 25-45 years old. Our UAE courses are attended mostly by UAE residents as well as by people from the GCC region.

What is the average number of participants per course?

Atton Institute Dubai has specialized trainings and thus concentrates on smaller groups to be able to provide high quality trainings and high levels of interaction.

For this reason, the average number of participants in professional trainings is 10 to 15 people. For some courses which are classified as general trainings, or courses which require less interaction, the number of participants may be slightly greater.

What is average length of the courses?

Regular courses are from 3 to 5 days long. Some specialized courses can be 1 to 2 days or over 5 days in length.

Training starts at 08:30 in the morning and ends around 15:00.

There are coffee breaks each day in between the training sessions as well as a lunch break.

Are there any exams or other prerequisites for course participation?

There are no exams or any test requirements for attending the trainings of Atton Institute UAE. However, we generally suggest taking into consideration the level of general knowledge which may be required to comprehend the scope of certain specialized courses.

For some advanced or special scope trainings, we also occasionally suggest completing other units before attending these specific courses.

Does Atton offer tailor-made professional training courses?

The trainings within the regular course schedule are standardized trainings provided according to our yearly program plan.

Upon special request, Atton UAE provides corporate customers with the trainings on specifically requested dates. Such trainings are available for a certain minimum number of course participants. For details, please contact our administrative department.

Does Atton provide trainings outside of the UAE?

The majority of our courses and programs are provided in the UAE.

However, we also have a special section of our academic calendar which has information on certain courses outside of the UAE. For details, see our course calendar on our website.

Does Atton provide online classes?

Our aim is to provide the most effective and result-oriented courses. To this end, we strongly believe in the importance of personal interaction. Thus, the majority of the trainings in Dubai and other Emirates of the UAE are regular on-site trainings provided in physical classrooms.

Some certain basic and introductory materials can be provided in the form of videos and online trainings – as supporting elements for the main courses.

What do I need to do once I arrive at the course venue?

The first point is to be aware of the course starting time. Regular Atton UAE courses start at 09:00. Please be sure to arrive at the training venue on time.

Upon arriving at the course location, you should find the training registration desk, which will provide you with all the training materials as well as a name badge.

Is valet parking available at the training venues?

All Atton Institute course training venues in Dubai have valet parking facilities.

Can the course dates be changed by Atton?

Typically all scheduled courses are held on the scheduled date. However, in certain cases course dates may be subject to change. This can take place in the following situations:

  • In the event that a UAE public holiday is announced on short notice.
  • In the event that a certain number of participants have cancelled their reservations for the course and the remaining number is not sufficient to proceed with the training.
  • In the event that a course instructor cannot attend and Atton Dubai cannot find a substitute (however, such an event is highly unlikely).

How many days in advance will I receive confirmation of the course date change?

In the unlikely event of a course date change, we will provide notice of the change as soon as we are aware that a rescheduling is necessary.

If I’m not satisfied with the course, to whom shall I make the complaint?

We are always very happy to hear any type of suggestions or complaints with respect to our services and courses; thus, all types of comments are highly appreciated.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to get in touch with the administrative department of Atton Institute UAE, and we will do our best to resolve the matter under the conditions of our customer satisfaction guarantee.

What is the difference between Courses and Programs?

Courses are separate training units which can be taken independently or in any combination with other professional training units of Atton Institute Dubai.

Programs are certain sets of courses combined into packages so that, after completion of such a program, you will have a certain combination of skills. Moreover, programs provide discounts on the total cost of the individual courses within the Program.

What are the advantages of programs rather than courses?

A course is an individual training dedicated to a particular subject.

A program is a set of various courses combined into one package in such a way that, after completion of the chosen program, you will have a certain set of knowledge and skills. When taking a program, you have a clear flow of courses following one after the other in terms of subjects and professional skills in step-by-step advancement.

How are programs defined?

Atton Institute Dubai Programs are the finest combination of 3 to 7 courses put together around a specific area of expertise. Programs are the ultimate solution to obtain a high level of professional confidence and skills and advance yourself professionally.

For more information regarding the purpose of each program, see the individual descriptions of each particular program of Atton Institute UAE on our website.

If I have already completed some courses, can I enroll for a program and link completed courses to the program?

If you have completed some specific courses and decide to apply for other courses within the package of a certain program – yes, this option is available.

If I decide to enroll in a program, do I need to take the courses in a certain sequence?

The majority of Atton UAE courses are independent and not directly related to professional training programs.

However, within the programs, there may be some courses which we suggest you attend in a certain order, as the materials and topics covered in certain trainings may require knowledge from the previous Atton Institute courses.

How long does it take to receive certificates?

Certificates of Completion are provided right at the completion of each course and handed over to each trainee on the training premises at the course end.

What type of certificate do I receive for the completed courses?

For every course, Atton Institute Dubai provides an original Certificate of Completion. It is provided at the completion of each professional training, and includes the title, date, name of the trainee, and particulars of the attended course.

In the event such a certificate is lost, Atton Institute UAE can produce a duplicate according to the relevant procedure.

Additionally, upon request, we can also provide a special course completion certificate attested by the UAE KHDA Authority.

How can the issued certificate be verified for authenticity?

Each certificate has a unique number / code, and its identity can always be verified at Atton Institute Dubai.

Atton UAE also has a special feature on its website by which a certificate number / code can be typed into the online verification system and the respective data will be displayed – the name of the attendee, name of the course and other data. This data is the same as the data on the original certificate; therefore, if the data from the website and the data on the certificate match, it is proof of the certificate’s authenticity.