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This 3-day intensive course equips you with the ultimate executive Business Communication tools and techniques. Converse, report, command, delegate, and negotiate as efficiently as possible and achieve the maximum possible results!


About the Atton Institute

Atton Institute Dubai offers a full spectrum of professional courses in all the main segments of professional education in which we combine traditional knowledge with the latest business trends and values.

With our assistance, you can improve professionalism and efficiency at all levels of your company or non-commercial entity. Completing our courses means reaching maximum professional and business results with minimum time and financial investments.

Key Facts About Course

Course Name
Course Name

Advanced Business
Communications Skills


Marriott Marquis


October 16-18,


2990,00 $ only

Short Course Outline

1 Day
  • Difference and Functions of Interpersonal Communication vs. Business Communication;
  • Communication Channels and Models; Business communication Rules and Norms;
  • Psychological Aspects of Communication: Keeping Emotions under Control;
2 Day
  • Communication Barriers and how to avoid them for Communicating with Confidence;
  • Verbal Communication & Understanding the key elements of Effective Speaking;
  • Crucial Elements, Components and Power of Non-Verbal Communication
3 Day
  • Standards of using various Business Correspondence with Maximum Efficiency;
  • The Trend of using Multiple Channels for Interaction and its Advantages and Risks;
  • Cultural Awareness and Main Rules to Follow in Cross-Cultural Communication

About Your Trainer: Paul Hitchen

Paul is a highly skilled and professional Training Manager who strives for the best possible results at all times. He has excellent presentation, planning and organizational skills and strong communication, coaching and training capabilities. His proven problem-solving and analytical thinking skills and ability to adapt to evolving industry trends make him a fantastic trainer.

Paul has over 30 years of professional experience working with multi-national organizations in Europe and the Middle East. He is a versatile, results-driven professional with successful, comprehensive experience in developing exceptional relationships with clients, peers and senior leadership to provide sustainable business solutions.

Trainer: Paul Hitchen

Quick Fact

"You are 63% more likely to get a pay raise after attending this course"

What Do Participants Say?

Arjun Radhakrishnan
Arjun Radhakrishnan
Head of Marketing, IT solutions
"One of the best training sessions I've ever attended. The trainer was amazing and answered literally all questions. Helpful exercises and funny examples have made me remember this training for a long time."
Rashid Abbudin Shamoun
Rashid Abbudin Shamoun
Sales Manager, Logistics
"I had thought I knew everything about communication, but this course shows communication from absolutely different perspective. Non-verbal part of the course is especially useful."