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Atton Institute Disclaimer

Disclaimer – Atton Institute Training Center

Welcome to the official website of the Atton Institute

This document presents visitor’s agreement, which comes into effect as of accessing the website.

If you do not accept any of the points, please cease to access and use this website and its content.

This website is designed to facilitate access to the information delivered by the Atton Institute. This website serves as a platform for sharing and delivering information regarding activities of the Atton Institute, including:

  • educational courses;
  • educational programs;
  • publications;
  • research data;
  • general terms and conditions;
  • other data.

Atton Institute holds all the proprietary rights of any media and other content available on its website:

  • texts;
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  • photos;
  • videos;
  • forms;
  • etc.

All the information may be used (downloaded, copied, printed, etc.) exclusively for the private personal, non-collective and non-commercial purposes. The same applies to any third party obtaining access to the information by whatsoever means.

Using the data received from this website for the other purposes is possible only in the case of applying and obtaining clear and written consent. The same applies to all the marks, including the logo and name of the Institute and other information available on the website. For all other cases any use of data is strictly prohibited.

This website may contain some external links to the websites, which are not related to the Atton Institute. Therefore, the Institute is neither liable nor responsible for the content or safety of the other websites.

The Institute is not liable or responsible for any possible consequences of whatsoever nature caused by accessing and/or using external websites and their content.

The Atton Institute does not make any warranties or guarantees at all, as well as it provides no guarantees regarding the quality of information and content available on the website. The Institute is not responsible for any mistakes, errors, omissions or discrepancy available on the website. Besides, any part of the information may be changed at any time without notice.

All the information, data and content are provided under the principle “as is”. Hence, the Institute is not responsible for the origin, completeness, correctness, accuracy, relevance and validity of any information.

Nor is the Institute responsible for any possible consequences or damages caused by accessing / using any part of the website, its functions, external links, content or available information, including:

  • loss of business;
  • business interruption;
  • loss of profit;
  • lost opportunity;
  • loss of programs or data;
  • etc.

When accessing / using the website, users are entirely responsible for taking precautionary measures against any destructive elements including viruses, malicious software, etc. Users are also responsible for using any information obtained on the website as well as for the results of such usage.

The website may contain various pages requiring filling out appropriate access forms using passwords or other access data. Such pages are subject to both Terms and Conditions of the present Disclaimer and their regulations, if applicable.

When using the website, the usage reports are created to receive information on the usage of the website. Eventually. It is used by the Atton Institute to evaluate the particulars of website utilization.

You may prevent collecting this data by means of rejecting installation of cookies in your browser. At the same time, you need to take into account that this may cause certain difficulties when using website including non-availability of some functions.

Accessing / using the website means you agree to all the applicable Terms and Conditions above.