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Taking care of both satisfied and unsatisfied customers

Businesses typically focus only on the positive reviews from their customers. Most companies avoid publishing negative reviews on their page, and if you look at the testimonials of various companies, you’ll see that they only have positive testimonials. However, when you search on the Internet for reviews, you often end up finding negative reviews from angry clients.

Let’s do an exercise!

You are searching for a company that offers sports clothing from famous brands at an affordable price. On their website you find a series of reviews and a rating scale. The sports company has 4.5 out of 5 stars on the rating scale. The reviews from Customers A, G, and Z are positive while Customer K has a negative review. Most companies respond to the positive reviews but avoid answering the negative ones. Why do you think that happens?

Customer A: “Awesome clothes just got them. I’m happy!”

Sports Company: “We’re happy you like them!”


Customer G: “I was a bit worried but the delivery was fast. Thanks!”

Sports Company: “We make sure to deliver in max 3 days. You can also track your delivery!”


Customer Z: “I am very pleased with the fabric and the colors. I didn’t think the colors would match the images on the website, but they look great! They’ve also held up well against multiple washes.”

Sports Company: “We use 100% cotton – easy to wash and easy to care for. We’re glad you’re pleased!”


Customer K: “Awful! I waited 2 weeks for the delivery, and when I finally got the shoes, they were dirty and were missing their laces. I called the support team and they didn’t answer. I tried 3 times and no answer!!! I sent an email, no answer!”

Sports Company: No reply.


The story above is a fictional example but inspired by the websites of different companies. Most companies don’t respond to the negative reviews, but many clients discuss them. You will typically see one or two answers to a positive review, but a whole discussion between five or six people on a negative review, and none from the company.

In the first part of the book, we mentioned the fact that negative reviews stick like glue and they are more visible than positive ones. Avoiding a response to the negative reviews is a major mistake that most companies make.