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Why do companies avoid answering negative reviews?

The answer is… lack of preparation in dealing with a negative reaction. We all want to avoid scandals and conflicts, but sometimes if we ignore them, it just makes things worse. A negative review with no response indicates that the company is not professional and caring. With a bit more research, the potential buyer might discover more negative reviews and still no answer. He will remember that negative review.

But if the company is open to communication and has employees that are trained in having caring, diplomatic, and positive discussions, the company will increase its customer loyalty and win more clients. If your company proves that it can handle negative responses, it shows that it is a business for people and not for money – this is why we have to learn about the theories of customer service and choose the information that helps us make the right call in terms of our clients.

It is for these reasons that specialists in customer service advise companies to start paying attention to the negative reviews and the unsatisfied clients.

The right way to handle negative reviews and complains

You can do this simply by reaching out to your clients. Companies should create surveys for buyers that are not pleased with their services. They should ask clients about the employee behavior, value of products, and delivery time. By reaching out to a customer that is not pleased, you show both the satisfied and the unsatisfied customers that your business cares! Additionally, it shows that your company is willing to make changes in order to satisfy client expectations.

Besides this, reaching out to customers will offer great insights to your managers. If an employee’s behavior wasn’t right, the management of the company can start to investigate what motivated that behavior and take measures that can benefit the employee and the client, such as creating a stress-free working environment, sending the employee to training or having a discussion with the employee. It is very important to note here how buyer feedback impacts the management level, which leads to better employment measures.

Paying attention to the negative reviews will improve your management skills. It can show you issues that you weren’t even aware existed in your company.

The new theories of customer service come from the idea that the client is an emotional partner that we, as the provider, need to help make rational decisions. These new theories ask companies to play fair and be transparent. How many of these theories are put into good practice? Think about your experiences as a buyer so far and try to answer this question before we show you how companies implement customer service. In this way, you will be able to distinguish the difference between what should be put into practice and what should remain a back-up theory.

Some years ago, the management of the companies knew a few golden rules about customer service. These golden rules were repeated over and over again to the employees. The training available for employees in the recent past was focused on respecting those golden rules strictly and obeying your manager. Unfortunately, these golden rules are not beneficial to the company. They create a stressful environment, discourage employees and affect their work performance. Plus, they establish a rigid and unkind communication between the company and the clients