Customer Care as Key Element of Business and Career Triumph
Where Success Begins
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Even marketing schools have re-shifted their methods of attracting customers. According to the current notion, it is not enough to dress the product well, create a positive brand voice and constantly engage clients in communication. Besides this, marketing specialists must develop psychological skills and become talented writers of “sticking” stories. Businesses must sell real stories that can attract their clients. They must constantly create personal and customized experiences for their customers.

To fulfill the modern-day consumer’s requirements (transparency, speed, and expertise), businesses must develop new management roles.

Modern understanding of the management

Historically, the understanding of management has changed dramatically. Production and distribution were physical methods of structuring a firm; then a sales department was added to handle increased orders, and eventually sales departments were helped by call centers because they collected data on customers’ preferences. Soon a marketing department was included in the structure of any organization. These were the practices of early management.

Today, management requires a multi-disciplinary approach. The manager is no longer merely a business owner or an employer, but must have a true leader’s attitude and expertise. Employees are not only contracted individuals; they are specialists.

The Business Dictionary defines management as the “organization and coordination of activities of business to achieve defined goals” ; however, it is important to add to this definition this term: cultural behavior of a firm. The culture of a firm is defined by a set of values and practices that all the members of the firm must respect, starting with the top levels down to the lowest employee.

In modern times, management has been defined as the art of achieving goals through people. A manager must know what his subordinates are doing and apply various methods to motivate them in a positive manner. Management methods are used to solve problems in the organization across all hierarchal levels. Each activity is coordinated to acquire the highest level of benefits from a particular situation.

According to recent theories, the Human Resource Department inside a company should be the busiest. This department takes care of contracting employees and interviewing them, but it also must make sure that employees receive what they need. Though, organizations still invest more time and budget in production than in their human resources. Unfortunately, this focus creates a gap between the leading levels and subordinate levels and ultimately translates into poor customer service. To put it simply, as a result of this gap, an employee comes to work with negative emotions; this affects her work performance, and so she fails to offer high-quality customer service as outlined above, with kindness, fast reaction, and expertise.