Customer Care as Key Element of Business and Career Triumph
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Top Priority: The Right Employees

Besides a team of well-trained managers, a company works best when it hires specialized employees. Employees that have opportunities inside the company can deliver excellent customer service. Within the company, employees are the pieces that move the wheels of the business process and have direct contact with the clients. They are the face of the company, so they have an extremely important role in interacting with customers. When the employees are specialized, positively motivated and engaged, clients encounter the happy faces of people who are willing to solve their issues.

There is another important aspect that the employment sector is ignoring at the moment: a huge number of employees are hired in a different specialization than their studies or certifications; this creates dysfunction in the business world. This dysfunction affects the macroeconomics level, such as fluctuating national economies and increased unemployment as well as poor social services, and the microeconomics level via increased turnover rate, a large number of startups going bankrupt, and unprofessional customer service.

Therefore, a priority for customer service is for each company to pay attention when hiring employees. The human resource manager has to know what educational sector fits with the job application and what kind of personality fits the job requirements. When companies pay close attention to details such as personality, future plans, educational background, life goals, personal conditions, etc., the chances of hiring an employee that will stay with the company more than 10 years and develop inside the company’s structure are higher.

While the manager makes sure the employees are committed to the company’s culture in a healthy and positive way, the employee has a responsibility to act professionally and deliver excellent customer service. To do this, the employee must possess certain skills and competencies that we’ve explained in detail in the previous chapter. Still, there are basic employee skills that are of utmost importance for all employees, regardless of specialization.