Customer Care as Key Element of Business and Career Triumph
Where Success Begins
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The Virgin Group is a large foundation of cross-sector businesses from banks to hotels, but with a focus on travel. The travel industry is very much dependent on customer service, and the Virgin Group has managed to expand its hotelier services across the globe. All of the Virgin Group Hotels have a high rating (over 4.5 stars). When the top level respects and appreciates the staff, the employees will learn to treat colleagues and clients with respect and appreciation. This type of business culture encourages employees to be self-aware and empathetic towards people around them, including customers. It is also an inclusive culture, which means that employees feel they are part of a large family.

“Our culture is friendly and intense, but if push comes to shove we’ll settle for intense.”

Jeff Bezos, CEO and Founder of Amazon

The Amazon Company, which has so many entertaining customer service stories, promotes a business culture of friendliness and passion. Employees are encouraged to be creative and highly involved in the business processes. Clients are treated individually and uniquely so it is easier to pay attention to the needs of the buyers and satisfy them in a short amount of time. Each Amazon customer service encounter is an employee-to-client dialogue where the employee exemplifies the basic principles by being friendly and passionate.

These examples of successful business cultures show us how important it is for each company to develop an inside story based on creativity, customer satisfaction and progress. These examples also reveal the positive business culture that a company should create: constant improvement, treat employees as family, and treat clients uniquely.

When we look at the real cultures of businesses close to us, we observe that most of them are not aware that they need a business culture, and the rest have only a theoretical one with no evident practice. Still, more and more marketing specialists and customer care experts teach companies to create a business culture and explore it in order to grow as a business and satisfy buyer needs.

A business culture focused on customer service is a complex process which includes managers and employees. Employees require special training to skillfully deliver the company’s culture to clients, while managers develop and sustain the business culture at all levels. A culture focused on customer service should be a top priority together with hiring the right managers and employees. You cannot separate client service culture from management and employment, as they are important features of the same process – a successful business. We have marked all three facets as a top priority because they are interconnected and dependent on one another. Therefore, a priority for customer care is to hire the right employees led by specialist managers according to the highest quality of client service.

Once you have the team and the theoretical framework to build an excellent customer service system, you can start developing client service standards and guidelines.