Customer Care as Key Element of Business and Career Triumph
Where Success Begins
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Customer care influence on professional evolution

So far, we’ve mentioned in almost every chapter how customer care has encouraged changes in company structure and employment status. Client care requires expertise, and expertise can be achieved in educational institutions. Employees with higher levels of education received more benefits, such as increased salary and great working conditions.

When people saw that education brings better jobs and stability for longer periods of time, professional development became much more popular. Besides higher education, people started to look for specialization opportunities and evolving in a particular business field.

Customer care encourages employees to evolve through the hierarchical ladder of a business sector. For example, let’s look at one of the most popular and demanding customer service sectors: banking and financial services. A typical bank clerk probably wants to be promoted to the role of officer. While clerks deal with the client’s direct requests such as making a deposit, opening an account and so on, a bank officer has a higher status in the hierarchy of the bank and deals with financial reports and bank operations.

In retail stores, a sales assistant dealing with stocking the store and organizing the merchandise can aspire to become a cashier due to greater client interaction. The sales assistant might have inborn customer care skills such as charisma, positivity, and openness when it comes to talking to people, which would make him suitable for a cashier position. However, these traits can only be discovered due to interaction with buyers.

The client is a powerful feedback source. During employee-customer dialogue, the employee will learn eye-opening information that decides the evolution in his or her working life. Based on the feedback from clients, the employee realizes whether the current job is what he or she wants. Many employees hired as clerks or cashiers realize that they don’t like to be directly exposed to clients and they prefer a back office job. Some realize that they can change a lot in the business structure once they receive helpful feedback from the clients. An employee that learns what customers truly expect from a company can be the next successful CEO.

“What’s dangerous is not to evolve.”

Jeff Bezos

In a few simple words, Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, shows how important it is to keep evolving as a person and as a professional. Customer care pushes for better skills and higher education. However, there is no endgame to this process. As employees, each year we need more diplomas, more certificates, more education and more knowledge. All of these are required to answer the consumer’s needs. An employee that works in a customer-focused company will always have something to learn and especially the opportunity to develop.

We will see in the next sections of this book how customer care makes the difference between a career or a job, stability or instability, job satisfaction or stress.