Customer Care as Key Element of Business and Career Triumph
Where Success Begins
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7. Choose positivity as a business model

Reformulate your company’s verbal communication into positive vocabulary filled with encouraging and appreciative words for your employees. Openly discuss issues with your customers by using positive words and showing a willingness to help. Behave in a friendly and courteous manner, and teach employees at all levels to adopt proper body language and tone.

8. Use the past as a lesson for the future

Go back to your lost customers and open a dialogue with them. Show that you care. Show interest in their opinions and willingness to change your services according to their needs. Go back to your past employees and ask them about their previous experience with your company. Welcome honesty as a great opportunity to improve your company’s services.

9. Provide fast, secure and friendly services

The fact that we live in such a sped-up world is a condition that we cannot change; as a business, you should acknowledge this condition and update your business to provide faster, more useful services to modern customers and employees. Time is precious, now more than ever, and if your company shows consideration for your clients’ time, it will win their hearts.

10. Make passion the center of your business”

The greatest (and the most common) advice given by entrepreneurs and owners of successful multinational companies is to enjoy your business, and make sure your employees and customers enjoy it, too. Use creativity and innovation to design uniquely tailored services, don’t be afraid to try new things, and enjoy each step.

When companies take these golden rules and adapt them to their unique business culture, they have an extremely high chance of maintaining excellent customer care.

At the end of this book, we will take one last look at why customer care is so important for the business world.