Customer Care as Key Element of Business and Career Triumph
Where Success Begins
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This dependency of the company’s image on the client dictates the creation of a company’s brand. Most famous companies like Amazon, Starbucks or the cosmetics leader L’Oreal developed their brand due to the overwhelmingly positive experiences of their various customers.

How did that happen?

In marketing, word association plays a significant role in grabbing the customer’s attention. When a company creates a brand, it must decide on a name that is easy to remember, easy to pronounce and that people can associate with something positive.

The brand name “Amazon,” for example, is successful because it shares its name with the longest river in the world, situated in South America. This river has been the main “character,” so to speak, in many adventure movies. However, when you type the name “Amazon” into search engines, the first pages show, Inc., the company, not the river. So the brand of the company has become more famous than its already-famous namesake.

Why is that? Because it is easy to remember, people are familiar with the pronunciation, and above all, it has been associated with good stories about its client service: polite employees, customized responses, quick and helpful replies.

Creating an impactful brand is actually part of the business strategy. While famous companies (i.e. the large multi-nationals) have already made a name for themselves, small businesses can struggle with becoming visible in the market. Thankfully, branding can be a secret and powerful tool for small businesses to develop and attract customers.

The key to success is making customers associate the brand of your company with positive experiences.

Small companies can turn this into a real competitive advantage by focusing on their clients. They should bring their brand online via social media and through various other communication channels. Offering customers constant access to your small brand increases the number of visitors, reviewers and promoters. Also, it helps the company to connect faster to the clients and learn in due time what needs to be improved or changed. Consumers’ insights for small businesses are the secret tool to gaining a market advantage. While for multinationals, a customer’s insight is analyzed through multiple layers, in small businesses the contact between the client and the company is more immediate and direct.

Small businesses have to use this advantage wisely. The brand creates an image but also a feeling. If the company manages to create the feelings of familiarity, comfort and safety through the brand, the client service system will follow the same principles. In other words, the customer service principles must be applied to the brand, too. Consistency between client service and the brand is what gives a business a competitive advantage. Whether it’s a multinational or a small business, if the customer service illustrates the values and principles of the brand, then the company is considered reliable.

Many companies still make the mistake of ignoring branding and clients service in the business strategy. This ultimately translates into large amounts of money spent on incoherent marketing plans and fluctuations in customers flow. In contrast, brand-aligned client service offers a cost-effective plan, meaning that companies spend less on marketing plans and keep old customers while winning new ones. Furthermore, a brand that is focused on client service helps the company’s production side become better and more efficient through creativity and innovation.

Aside facet of the brand is the product differentiation. When the company brand keeps in touch with clients at a personal level, it is easy to find the product that scores the highest on the buyer’s wish list. Quickly identifying the customer’s demands and fulfilling them is the strongest market advantage a business can have. There are always clients with different demands that need care, and an efficient customer service system finds them and provides options.