Customer Care as Key Element of Business and Career Triumph
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Customer service has a visible effect on the sales of a company

As we have discussed previously, more than 50% of customers are willing to pay more for services that are provided with excellent client service. Conversely, 80% of clients stop doing business with a company after a poor customer service experience. That 80 % of unsatisfied buyers cut the sales rate in half, which is a serious financial loss for a company. After losing so many unsatisfied customers, the company has to win new ones quickly, but winning a new client costs 7 times more than keeping an old client. To make things even worse, more than 10 positive reviews are required in order to minimize the effects of just one negative review.

The sales department of a company has to have a strong connection with the customer service department. The sales representatives should be well-trained in order to make sure they don’t lose clients. A slow or incomplete response from a sales representative will drive clients off and fail to convert leads.

New trends in customer service encourage companies to align their marketing strategies with their sales goals. One way to do that is to improve the skills and the environment of the sales representatives. A sales representative needs quick access to complete information about products and services. The representative also has to know how to talk and behave with clients, especially in tough situations. Some companies choose to install Customer Relationship Management software for their sales departments; however, this is not enough. The employees of the company must be trained in social and communicative skills as well. This reveals another impact that customer service has on a company – it increases demands on employee skills.

The ultimate goal of any sale is transforming a client into a salesperson for the company. When the company delivers effective client service, the satisfied customer will become a perfect source of referrals and introduce the company to other customers.

Companies are able to tell whether the sales department is in tune with the client service department by looking at its sales patterns over time. If there are visible fluctuations in the patterns, it means that the company is not able to deliver coherent and efficient customer service. If the sales patterns are improving, the client service system is an effective one. When the sales patterns are dropping down, it’s time to change the customer service system and pay more attention to the demands of the clients. The bottom line is that the customer service of a company shows immediately in its results - whether the business is running efficiently or not.