Customer Care as Key Element of Business and Career Triumph
Where Success Begins
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As shown in the case study from the previous section, employees have direct interactions with the company’s clients. Whether by words or attitude, the employee can send a negative message to the customer, and the customer will take immediate notice. Thus, if the company doesn’t eliminate the negative behavior or attitude of the employee, it cannot avoid the negative experience of the client.

In this chapter, we saw how important is to maintain high-quality customer service; otherwise, the company risks going bankrupt. When a company creates its financial plans and strategic directions, it must take into consideration the client service system. Successful implementation of business strategies includes a wise investment in customer service – and great client service is that which is performed by positively motivated employees.

When the customer service procedures are not flexible and innovative, the company undergoes fluctuations in sales and employment turnover. These fluctuations push the company to an unstable foundation, which can lead to the fall of the company or a consistent loss of budget and prospects.

The only successful way to grow a business is to include the right kind of customer service at each level of management.

Clients are the judges and the promoters of businesses. However, the employees of a company are the direct partners of the customers. In the next chapter, we will take a look at how each employment level is influenced by its interaction with the clients – in other words, how having a proper customer service system determines the happiness of the employees.