Customer Care as Key Element of Business and Career Triumph
Where Success Begins
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Each time a company creates a business strategy, the response of the consumers must be counted in. How a consumer responds to the company’s strategy depends very much on the efficiency of the client service. Is it flexible? Is it responsive? Personalized?

Furthermore, the client response will determine whether you are playing in the local market or going international. A globally-minded, high-quality client service standard will help companies to grow internationally. It’s easier to cross the boundaries of the market when your customer service brings you more loyal clients and a positive reputation. A world-class client service system is flexible and innovative so that offering services to a different culture doesn’t create problems; on the contrary, it provides a great opportunity for positive changes.

Growing your business by practicing excellent client service has instant results. The right kind of customer service, as presented in the previous chapter, increases sales and profit. Moreover, it develops a greater and even international reputation for your business. According to recent studies, more than 70% of consumers are willing to spend 13% more money on companies that have excellent client service, which can be defined as service that is delivered by trained employees, maintains constant communication with clients (be it happy or unhappy clients), and utilizes referrals and cross-selling. As a standard practice, these factors increase sales without additional costs for new marketing plans. Nevertheless, word-of-mouth still plays a crucial role in building a particular customer niche, since usually clients brought in by other clients have a higher chance of staying with the company.

This leads us to the importance of client service for the reputation of the business. Specifically, customer service can make the difference between creating a strong brand and being just another name in a large ocean of company names.

Impact on Branding and Product Differentiation

Customers talk. In fact, they talk constantly about your company. Exactly what they talk about, though, depends on you.

When you give them a good experience with your company, clients will talk about the efficiency of your company for some time. When you give them a bad experience, they will repeatedly talk about how bad your company is. Keep in mind that negative reviews for business are more persistent and last for a longer amount of time. Therefore, companies have to make sure their customers always have positive things to say.

Even a negative review can be turned into a positive one through excellent customer service. If you reach out to unhappy buyers, you show professionalism and care. If you manage to solve the unhappy customer’s issue, you may win even more clients.