Customer Care as Key Element of Business and Career Triumph
Where Success Begins
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The structure of an average company has changed drastically from a one-person show to departments, specializations, boards, and owners. Management has moved from production and distribution to understanding customer behavior and innovating business processes.

Employees have become consumers of health insurance and work insurance. They now have a regular working program with paid holidays and the possibility of taking maternal or paternal leave. Besides the financial benefits that the employees have acquired, they are requested to perfect themselves in certain domains, to learn practical abilities like computer management or to hone their social skills such as negotiation, communication, or teamwork. Moreover, the employment process requires that the employee presents proven documents of his or her skill: education diplomas, language certificates, and/or letters of recommendation from a previous employer. The business world has completely changed down to the smallest details.

Unfortunately, the literature on customer service and how it has changed through the years is not complete. Therefore, we need to analyze the three pillars of the business cycle (management, clients, and employees) to understand the massive changes that the business world has undergone.

These major changes have had a powerful impact on a theoretical level and a practical level. Even though marketing and trade existed way before us, there were no concepts, only practices. If the villagers on your street complained to you that your bread didn’t taste the same anymore, you would change the production. Their complaint didn’t mean you had lost them as customers because they had few options for buying bread. Your buyers would wait patiently for the bread to taste as they wished. Nowadays, however, if your clients don’t like the bread you provide, they will buy from someone else because they have multiple options.

The consumer’s perception and ability to choose has changed. These changes depend on the shifts in the market. Thus, we have to look for the shifts in the marketing field to understand how certain firms have developed from producers to famous brands. Furthermore, we will look at how concepts like “branding” and “marketing” appeared and how these concepts have influenced the structure of firms and the behavior of customers.