Customer Care as Key Element of Business and Career Triumph
Where Success Begins
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As you can see, business culture plays an important role when communicating with business partners, but it is also critical when you start to provide services to customers of different cultures. Japanese buyers perceive humble and efficient customer service as greatly important, while Indian customers are quick-tempered and voice their complaints out loud. Thus, it is necessary to be well-informed and plan your client service carefully. In any type of business, whether B2B or B2C, and in any type of sector, whether the public sector (education, security and health) or the private sector (heavy industry, automobile, online services, etc.), there are a few guidelines that you need to check when planning the customer service of your company.

  • Business culture, such as traditions, hierarchy, language and conduct
  • Customer profile: age, likes/dislikes, prior shopping experiences, personality
  • Multiple channels of communication, including social media and online services
  • Expertise in your field and the additional subsectors of your business
  • Ease of delivery and access to services for customers from groups such as, for example, people with disabilities;

When you add these guidelines to the main rules of excellent customer service which we discussed above, your company will be able to win the loyalty of your clients. Likewise, your employees will be capable of solving customer issues in unique and positive ways, and the management of your company will have the ability to transform and innovate in order to constantly develop client service and employee job satisfaction.

The right way of doing customer service creates a positive and educational experience for both your clients and your company.

In the following chapter, we will discuss how customer service impacts the business world. We will see how low-quality service can bring negative employee experiences and even the downfall of a business. We will discuss the ways in which client service has a direct influence on the management, employment and development of a company. Customer service makes the difference between having a job and building a career. Excellent client service can improve the mechanisms of management and predicts the failure or success of a company.