Customer Care as Key Element of Business and Career Triumph
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Case Studies of Excellent Customer Service

One of the most famous cases of customer service on the Internet can be seen in Amazon, the American e-commerce company. Amazon employees that work in client support are known for customizing their answers depending on the customer and replying just as they would reply in a day-to-day conversation with a friend. This conversational habit has won Amazon high reviews on client service from clients, plus strong customer loyalty.

First Case Study: Amazon employee role-plays with the customer

A client ordered a book from Amazon. Unfortunately, the book order was misplaced. Eventually, the frustrated buyer got in touch with Amazon customer support. The employee introduced himself with the name of a movie character. The buyer replied with the name of another character from the same movie, and soon they started to talk as if they were in that movie and their mission to retrieve the book order was an adventure to save the world.

Eventually, the Amazon employee not only moved the book order to the correct place, but he also changed the delivery time to the same day. The customer was amused by the story they created together and even more thrilled that the Amazon employee sped up the delivery time. This client’s experience was quick and entertaining.

What we learn:



  • Be creative
  • Customize interaction with customers
  • Solve the problem quickly and easily
  • Add a bonus
  • Be rigid and standard
  • Generalize interactions
  • Avoid solving the issue
  • Think that merely solving the issue is enough

Second Case Study: Holiday gifts for the customers

WestJet, a Canadian airline placed a display for clients before they boarded the plane. On the display they had to choose what they want for the winter holidays. The surprise was that after the customers got off the plane, they were led to a special luggage area. With their luggage they received the gifts they chose from the display which WestJet presented for Christmas.