Customer Care as Key Element of Business and Career Triumph
Where Success Begins
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Marketing departments were created independently from the sales departments. Business owners listened more and more to the opinions of their customers.

Clothing brands began to produce designs that crossed the boundaries of gender; women started wearing pants, looser-fitting shirts, or coveralls like the uniforms of the industrial workers.

Marketing strategies began to be more visible and targeted towards specific consumer niches – like women’s products, men’s products, and children (including a baby, toddler, and teenager specific products).

For example, automobile companies changed the way they made their advertisements. In the past, car commercials would focus on the technical aspects of the car; however, customers became more interested in the safety a car can offer, and hence car commercials focused on the safety aspect.

Car brands began to design family cars or luxury cars. For example, Toyota created a different luxury line called Lexus. Cars were manufactured for speed-lovers, for families or for pet owners. Car commercials became targeted to a specific audience. When a new car model appeared, the commercial would point out the most appealing points such as a built-in GPS or family cars with a high-quality safety system and a comfortable amount of space.

In present times, marketing departments are a must-have in every company. Experts in the marketing field must know about the statistics of sales; they have to be aware of consumer behavior and the psychology behind the act of buying. The recent trend in marketing is to attract the client by creating stories that speak to the customer. Marketing schools today focus on stories that consumers may encounter in their lives, and those stories must offer the customers the only solution to their problems.

In the past, the marketing field was about answering the needs of the clients, but in present times, businesses must create a need and then offer the products that fulfill that need to the customers. Simply put, they are creating new consumer behavior. Marketing is now a discipline, if not a science, that uses numbers to predict consumer patterns.

The difference between past and present

Studying this part of history helps us to see how much we have evolved, and it especially helps us understand where we still need to evolve further. For example, critics in the marketing field complain that businesses are currently stuck fulfilling needs that already exist, and this doesn’t change customer behavior. Experts believe that it’s time for a new change. This new change must be about encouraging new customer behavior. This issue will be further discussed in the next sections of the book.